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A gal named Mary wrote to me and told me that she had just bought some beautiful size 5 triangle beads, but she didn't know what to do with them, and asked me for a suggestion. I have been asked many times to do a tutorial for this necklace, so I thought the time was right. Now Mary has something to do with her triangles. :)
NOTE: Both of these necklaces are made the same way. The only difference is a few beads added at the bottom of the centerpiece.

If you'd like to show the necklace you made, send it to me, and I'll put it on the 'Examples' page.

Size 5.0 triangles (if you don't have any, you can substitute and 4, 5, or 6mm bead you want.)
Size 11.0 seeds (or use 8.0 seeds)
Thread (I used Fireline)
Normally when I do R.A.W. (Right Angle Weave) I like to do it with one needle instead of the traditional 2 needle method. (Just because I'm a klutz and it's hard for me to handle 2 needles) But for the start of this necklace, the 2 needle weave works out better.

We'll be starting in the middle of this necklace, and then you'll use only one needle at a time for each side.

Start with about 6 feet of thread. (Don't worry about the length. After the center section, you'll only be working with half that length. )
Step 1:

Put a needle on each end of your thread.  Pick up 2 beads on each needle, then put your right hand needle through the second bead on your left hand. Pull tight. The picture shows what it will look like now.

This is also called a cross stitch because you're crossing over in one bead.
Step 2:

Now pick up 2 beads on one needle, and one bead on the other. Cross over in the 2nd bead.
Step 3:

Repeat step 2 one more time. We now have our center section started, so you can drop one needle. (We'll use that needle later to make the left side of the necklace.)

Be sure to pull so that this section is nice and snug.
Step 4:

Pick up 15 seeds and 4 triangle beads. Go back through the 1st triangle bead you picked up. This will make a picot. (See photo 4a)  Be sure to keep your tension tight so that the seeds are right up against your center section.
Repeat step 4 five more times.

On the black necklace above I used size 8.0 beads, so my count was different, and I only put 4 picots on each side. Experiment and see which works best for you. :)
After you get all your picots made, continue on with seed beads. First decide how long you want your necklace.  I wanted mine to be about 17 inches (plus the clasp) so I measured 8.5 from the centerpiece. This gave me room to add about 50 seeds.

When I got to the end, I picked up a piece of French Wire (bullion) then my clasp. (See next picture)
Then I went all the way down through the seeds, stopping when I got to the 7th bead before the picot. I picked up 8 seeds and went through the bottom of the picot.  Now you're in position to start the bottom netting.
You can add any kind of a clasp you'd like. I'm low on clasps, so I made my own. :)

You don't need to use French Wire if you don't want to.....I just think it gives it a nicer finish.
This part is really easy!

Pick up 12 seeds, 1 triangle, 12 seeds, then go through the bottom triangle of the next picot.  Do this until you get to the center.

You can make your nets as long or as short as you want. It's your necklace!  Or you can replace the triangle bead in the middle with a picot of seed beads, or a matching crystal.
When you get to the center, go through the bottom bead of the top picot as shown in picture. Drop this needle for now and pick up the other needle.

Do the other side of the necklace, starting with step 4.  When you get to the center after adding your netting, go through the same bead as your other needle.

Your thread will now be coming out of both ends of this bead.

You may choose to end your necklace now, or continue on to make the butterfly.

If you want to end now, weave your thread around the centerpiece, following the thread path, down to the bottom and back up. Then go back up into the side and clip.
I hate making anything the same way twice, so I always change the bottom. On this one I made a butterfly. To do this, all you do is to go through the 8 seeds that are in line with your thread on the last net. (Marked in red on picture.)

Then pick up 20 seeds and go through the bottom bead of the centerpiece.

Repeat on other side.

Now weave in both ends by going in circles around the centerpiece, and when you get back up to the top, weave the thread up into the side a ways.

Try different things with the bottom to get the look you like. :)

That's it!
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