Now we'll make this loop larger than the last one. 
String on 8 Main, and 3 Accent beads, and go back up through the last Main to form the picot.
String on 7 Main, 1 Accent, and 5 Main color beads, and go up through the top Accent bead from the row before.
Keep repeating this pattern until the end, alternating between one short loop, and one larger loop.
And that's all there is to it!  I told you it was easy.  :-)
When the necklace is the length you want, add any clasp you'd like. 
For this one, I strung on 3 more beads on either end, and then added the beadcap and clasp.
There are almost endless varieties of netting that can be done. Just play with it! Use different size beads, make your loops all the same size, or make them short and long, as I did here.  Most importantly......Have  fun!
If you'd like to see more examples of netted necklaces, 
click here
For a tutorial on a netted cuff bracelet,
click here.
If you have any questions, or just want to talk about beading, feel free to email me!
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