So let's get started!
To begin, string on a stopper bead, leaving a 6 to 8" tail for adding a clasp later.  Then add 1 accent bead (in this case red), 5 Main color beads, 1 Accent bead, 3 Main color beads, and 3 Accent beads.   Then go back up through the last black bead you strung on.  This will form a picot at the end.  You may have to coax the three beads into place by hand. (See next picture to see how they should look.) 
Now string on 2 Main color beads, 1 Accent, 5 Main color, and go up through the first Accent bead so that your thread is coming out of the top like in the picture.
For the turn at the top, string on 7 Main, 1 Accent, and 5 Main. Then go down through the middle Accent bead from the row  before.
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