Design Tips for the Zig Zag Choker
In the pictures that follow, you can see some examples of variations used in the Zig Zag chokers. Be creative!  Use whatever beads you like, and try changing the count too for a wider or narrower choker.
In this one, I replaced the third set of 4 beads in the 12 bead set. (Does that make sense??)  In other words, instead of picking up 12 beads like in the tutorial, pick up 8 seeds and then 1 bugle.
Using pink and white gives this choker a decidedly different look and feel. It went from being kind of 'goth' to feminine and summery.
Another example using bugles, only this time the bugles are in the middle of the 12 count.  ie... 4 seeds, bugle, 4 seeds.
Using silver lined clear and silver lined light blue gave it more of a glam/bling look.
Don't be afraid to embellish! In this lovely example, Michelle Zabnicki  used  light blue pearls to dangle from the bottom of her choker, creating a beautiful dressy version. If you'd like to contact Michelle, email here here...

Thanks Michelle, it's gorgeous!
I would love to see any variations you come up with while making this choker. If you send them to me, I would also like to add them to this page to inspire others. Send pictures to me here.

So many times we see a pattern but pass it by because the colors don't catch our eye. But seen in a different color, or with different beads, all of a sudden it may be that it's a pattern we
have to try! So don't be afraid to experiment and play.

And always remember Ruby's #1 rule of beading.... Have Fun!