Zig Zag Choker

This is a fun and easy choker that works up relatively fast, and can be customized in many ways giving it  totally different looks, depending on the beads used.
I adapted the instructions from a book called 'Indian Beadweaving Patterns'  by Horace R. Goodhue.  I love this book, and would recommend it to beginners and seasoned beader's alike.
Size 11.0 seed beads
Size D Nymo thread  (approx. 3-4 yds
Size 12 needle
Key to abbreviations used:
PU = Pick up
UT = Up through
BT = Back Through
DT = Down Through
A quick note before we begin....
On this choker I used Fireline (a brand of fishing line), and I really liked the way it worked up.   There are as many different opinions on this line as there are people who have used it, so if you like it, use it, if you don't, use Nymo thread. Remember to always pre-stretch your Nymo before using!

Ok, let's get going!

Begin by picking up 20 beads. Tie these in a circle, leaving a tail of about 12 inches or so for putting on your clasp later.
Now PU 16 beads, and go UT beads 5,6,7 & 8 (from your knot).
*PU 12 beads, skip the last 4 beads of the previous step, and go DT the next 4 beads.
It will now look like this....>
Repeat from *, picking up 12 beads each time, skip the last 4 beads of the previous step, and go through the next 4 beads.

Easy, isn't it?  I knew you would think so! 

Unless I'm making a custom choker that has to be a certain length, I usually make my chokers about 13".  You can make them adjustable by putting jumprings, or beaded loops on one end too.

Click here for directions on making the beaded ball and loop closure.

Click here to see design tips and variations I have done.
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