Do you have a pendant or a bead that is drilled front to back, and wonder how to attach it? There are lots of ways to do this...... you can buy a bail that's made especially for this, make a ring of beads, or make a wirewrapped bail.

I'm going to show you how to make one kind of wire-wrapped bail in this tutorial. It's a down and dirty tute..... I did it really fast, so the pictures aren't the greatest. But hopefully it will give you an idea of where to start. Once you know the basics, you can make it as fancy or plain as you like. :)

Have fun!

NOTE: Do NOT be put off by the picture of my finished bail!  Like I said, I did it fast. Yours will turn out MUCH better!!!   There are pics of a couple of better ones at the bottom of the page.  ;)
Wirewrapped bail
I used 20g wire on mine, but you can use any gauge of wire that will fit and look the best with your piece.
Start with a straight piece of wire (about 6") and run it through the pendant.
Now just cross the wires, making sure that the meeting point is centered over the top of your pendant.

NOTE: These pictures are taken from the side.
Take your pliers and make a bend in one of the wires right where they cross, so that that piece is now standing straight up from the pendant.
Hold your work with the pliers on the loop (where the arrow is) and begin to wrap the other wire around the straight wire.

You can make as many wraps as you like, but make a minimum of one full wrap.
You can clip off your wrap wire now if you don't want to make the scrolls like I did on my piece. Otherwise, just leave it straight out to the side for now.

Now take your pliers and make a 90 degree bend in the straight wire.
Pull the straight wire over your pliers forming a loop. Roll this loop forward until it is centered over the bail.

Then wrap this wire. Go slow and make sure it's nice and straight and that the wraps are close together.

NOTE....  you could also put a bead on before you do this second wrap if you'd like.
Now it should look like this. ( should look better than this! lol) You can clip your wires now if you want to leave it like this, or you can curl them in from the ends like I did in the picture above. Or cut one of the wires and coil the other one up to hide the wraps......or you can go wild and form those  wires into any decoration you can dream up!
I used this same technique to attach the band to this watch, except that I added a bead before I did my second wrap. Just play around with it, and make your loops larger or smaller, to fit your project.

If you have any questions, email me. :)
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Here's the same pendant with a simple wrap and a bead inserted before making the second wrap.
wrap wire
straight wire