*Two complimentary colors of beads. You can use Pearls, Crystals, Druks, or whatever you want, in whatever size you want!  Round beads work the best. This bracelet was made with 4mm glass pearls, Click here to see one made with 6mm glass pearls, the green one from this tutorial, and other examples and a graph for making your own patterns.  For the tutorial, I'm using 4mm glass pearls and 4mm fire polished beads.
*Thread of your choice. (I used 8lb Crystal Clear Fireline)
*Clasp of your choice
Two Tone Pearl Bracelet
Start by picking up 2 light and 2 dark beads. Tie these in a circle, (leaving about 6" or so tail for attaching your clasp later) then needle through until you're coming out of the dark bead on the side.
Now pick up 1 dark and 2 light beads, and go back down through the dark bead your thread was coming out of.

Needle through the next dark and light bead.
Pick up 2 dark and 1 light bead and make your circle again, coming out of the second bead added.  (dark bead)
That's all there is to it!  Easy huh?
Just keep adding beads using this pattern.... 1 dark, 2 light ......... 2 dark, 1 light
I used a magnetic clasp on this one. I just came out of a top (or bottom) bead, picked up 3 seeds, the clasp and 3 more seeds, then went back into the bracelet. Weave your thread around in circles to finish.
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