This one was made with 6mm Hematite and Cream colored glass pearls.
Here's the finished bracelet from the tutorial. You can see that the pattern stands out much more using all pearls because of the totally round shape. But I like the sparkle of the fire polished beads too.  ;)
I would love to see the color combinations you come up with!  If you'd like to show me, or have them displayed here, just email them to me. :)
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Here's a couple of other patterns made with the same stitch. Click here for a graph so you can make your own patterns!
Thank you for posting your lovely pearl bracelet pattern on the Forum. Gave me a great idea on what to do with some little 6mm triangle beads I was given by a friend, and didn't have a clue what to do with them. She's an very elderly neighbour, and it was an old broken necklace and she wanted me to have the beads from it, and I couldn't think of anything I could make to show her how much I appreciated her gift, until I saw your pattern!.
They are not 'good beads' but my little old friend was so pleased to give them to me and was thrilled when I showed her my 'Spring Bracelet". (What else could I call it with these colours.) It does sit very nicely when worn, and the beads even out and, if you're 'not into beading', looks good. (She asked me for it this morning to take with her to a morning tea to show her friends what I did with "her necklace". God Bless her, she's a lovely old dear). I made it with 2 needles and elastic and it actually looks much nicer than the scan shows.
I'd spent hours trying to make something to show her and then, when I saw your pattern......... That was it!!.
Jean sent me this picture of her lovely bracelet, along with a nice story that I thought I'd share too. I love hearing about beading making people happy!
thank you ruby for your tutorial, i had bought this box of different coloured 4mm crystal cut beads when i had decided to bead, around February 2006 and i just had it laying around. i did not know what and when i would ever make a project.
then i saw this tutorial of yours after i had joined a swap to "push myself into actually beading". this time, there was no way out for me, i just "had" to bead for real.
i started with the pink and gold ones, and they were so easy to make and i thought they needed something at the end but a fringe with such a graphic design seemed awful to me, so i made loops at the end using the same colour austrian seed beads.
then i made the blue pair and run through the sides adding the darker blue beads in between rows to make it sturdy, instead of running many times inside the beads as i had done with the pink and gold one.
so of course, i could have gone on to using picots on a still third version...
what i like the most is the first version.
see, i "did it"! yay! thanks to you, ruby.
Joyce, Paris, France
Joyce made earrings out of the pattern, and they turned out great!  Here's what Joyce had to say about them........
Thanks Joyce!!