More comments from satisfied customers!
"Woo Hoo! I received my book and CD yesterday. I am blown away! It's wonderful, Ruby! Classy all the way, I'm soooooo proud of you. I started to read it this morning and the instructions and illustrations are very clear. This book will be one of the best in my beading library. Thanks, GF, for spending all the time to give us a wonderful reference and learning tool...."
Got Ruby's book and CD today (what a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I got home from work!). Didn't get much chance to really study anything cause the kids dropped off the grandbaby, so had to keep it out of his reach. But......from what I saw just glancing through it - WOW! Even I will be able to do the pieces! Ruby has once again, outdone herself! Anyone who wants to learn netted necklaces and other neat stuff needs this book! I already know the first thing I'm going to attempt!
Thanks Ruby - you really are a gem!
Hugs, Sam
Got the book and CD and am delighted! I haven't tried the CD yet but the book is great. I was going to give it to my friend but now I want to keep it. LOL I will give it to her but not without a little longing.
Thanks so much, Micki
Dear Ruby,
Gosh, what can I say -This is about the most  comprehensive beginner's book I've seen, and believe me, I have them all! While it has all of the tools that a beginning beader would need to dive into this wonderful art/craft, it has so much more ... lots of tutorials for those of us who have been beading for awhile but just haven't "gotten it."  I'm especially referring to the peyote section on following a graph. I can do flat peyote until the cows come home, but I've never followed a pattern, and it's so darned limiting. I want to do all of those fancy schmancy patterns, too, but always thought I couldn't do them. Now, I have hope!
Thank you oodles and oodles. You're the best!
Hugs, blessings and love, Jo