Hi....I'm glad to see you're still with me!  :-) 

Now for the loops. This is
alot easier to do than to explain. Really. You'll just have to trust me on that!

Now that you've gotten to the end of your choker, you have a decision to make about the clasp. You can either sew one on now, or take the easy way out like I did and just add a jump ring later to attach to. If you decide to add your clasp now, go ahead and do it.  If not, read on.

Go around your last circle a couple of more times to reinforce it, then start weaving back down into the choker by following  the circles. You want your thread to eventually come out of the end of the 8th circle. (After the B,S,C,S,B group)  See picture below.  Now string on 4B,S,3B,S,C,S,3B,S,4B.  (You can add any amount of beads to your loops, and string them in any manner that pleases you....it's your necklace!)  Skip over and go up through the 2 side beads of the main choker circles as shown in the 2nd picture. 
Follow the red arrows and go back down through the last bead of the loop you just added.  See Picture on left.  Now make another loop, the same as before, and continue on until you have 5 loops. 
For the next row of loops, work your thread back so that you're coming out of the silver bead as shown in the picture. How you get there is up to you!  It really doesn't matter, just so you're coming out in the right direction to add the next row.

String on your beads for this loop, and then go through the 3 bottom beads of the loop shown.
Add one more loop, going up through the beads shown, starting with the silver bead, and going all the way up through the 2 side connector beads on your main choker circle. 
You're almost done!  Weave your thread back down so it's coming out of the side of SCS combination on the bottom of the center loop, and add your final loop. I chose to put a dagger bead in the center of mine, but you can leave it out, or add any larger bead you want. 

Now weave back up into the main choker, and weave your thread around, back and forth, up and down, around and around..... ok, you get the picture.  I don't like to tie knots, (don't trust them) so I just weave and weave until I'm confident it's not going to come unraveled.  Snip the thread and  add your clasp.

Now find something really nice to wear with it, and go paint the town!
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