Stretchy Bracelet, and Mini Peyote Tutorial
In this tutorial, I'll be giving very basic instruction for the bracelet itself, (because it's just stringing), and focusing on the peyote cuff in the front.  Alot of people, myself included, have had a hard time learning to do peyote stitch. I hope this mini tutorial will help to get you started. I will include links to more comprehensive tutorials at the end of the page if you want to explore this stitch further.
Good luck, and Happy Beading!
*I used Gossamer Floss on this bracelet, and was really pleased with not only the stretchiness of it, but also the strength. You can use any kind of elastic you'd like though of course. :)

*Big eye needle.... A big eye needle is a must for me when I use elastic!

*Size 8 seed beads.... you can use any size you like, but I find it easier to learn with a larger bead.

*Nymo thread and regular beading needle for the peyote cuff in the front.

Thread beads on elastic to make a string that will fit around your wrist 3 or 4 times comfortably. (Or more, depending on how many strands you'd like)  Tie a couple of knots in the end, forming a circle, and put it aside for later. (see....I told you that part was easy!)
Now on to the peyote! This is known as even count peyote, in case you're wondering. :-)

Start by tying a stopper bead to your thread, leaving a tail to weave in later.  I've used red, black and clear beads for this demonstration since it will be easier to see.
String on beads in the order shown, so that you have 6C(clear) and 5R(red).
Now go back through the 2nd to the last C you strung, skipping over the Red bead. And here's the trick to starting peyote.....pull tight!  Keeping a good tension is really important, and will save you lots of hair pulling! lol

When you pull it tight, it will pop the last C bead on top of the last R bead, and look like the following picture.  Don't be afraid to coax it into place with your finger.
Now pick up another clear bead, skip the next red, and go through the next clear bead on the first row. See above picture.

Continue to add clear beads in this manner, to the end.
Remember to keep your tension tight, so that the new beads you're adding are sitting on top of the red beads, and in between the clear beads from the previous row.  I hope I'm not confusing you more!
This is how it should look when you're finished with that row. Except a little's hard to keep the tension when I lay it on the scanner!  When you read other peyote instructions, this is what they mean when they say that your first row will become your first two rows.  See how that works?
Now we'll turn around and go back the other way. I've used black for this row so you can see exactly where the beads should go.

Pick up a black and go through the first clear bead that's sticking up like in the picture. Fill in the spaces marked with my fancy red arrows to the end of the row by picking up one, and going through the next one.  Now it's getting easier!
Don't quit on me now!  Go to next page to finish.
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