Here's a quick little ornament you can make in no time!  The look great hanging on the tree, or you could use them to tie on your Christmas packages.  Or even string them together for a necklace if you want!

Nymo D
Small amount size 11 seed beads
12 small bugle beads
1 4mm crystal
Begin by picking up 12 seeds, and then tie them in a circle.

Pick up your crystal, and go up through the 6th bead from the bead your thread is coming out of. Pull snug to pop the crystal into the middle of your ring.
*Pick up 1 red, 1 silver, 1 red. Skip one bead in ring, and go through the next one.  (my picture is backwards....which works good if you're a lefty!)

Continue from
* all the way around until you have 5 points.

There is a 'step up' on the 6th point. see next
Now you're going to step up to get your needle in position to do the next round.

Pick up your 3 beads, skip next bead in ring, and go through next like before, but then also go up through the first red and silver bead from the last row, so that you are coming out of the 1st point you made
Now you do this round just like the last one, except you're going to use bugles instead.
*Pick up 1 bugle, 1 silver, 1 bugle, and go through the next point (silver) bead.
Repeat from
* around, and then do your step up as shown in picture on your last one. 
Pick up 3 silver and go back through your point bead in the same direction, making a little circle. This is your picot.

Weave down into star, and back up to the next point, so that your thread is coming out of the silver point bead, and repeat with your 3 silver beads.
Weave the thread back down and around through the star as many times as you feel comfortable with, and clip.  Weave in your tail thread too.  You can add a new thread through one of the point beads to hang your ornament. I also like to stiffen mine with some clear nail polish after I'm done.  But be careful with might take the color off of some beads.

There's alot of variations you can do with this....just experiment!  Use all seeds instead of bugles, or make a 5 pointed star by making your original circle with only 10 beads instead of 12.
Have fun!  If you want to see some more that I've done,
click here. I made these to stick to cookie packages that I made for a cookie swap.

If you have any problems, just
email me!