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Spiral Stitch
The spiral stitch is one of the most versatile stitches I've found. There are so many variations you can use that make it look different every time! It's also a very easy stitch to learn, and works up into a nice strong piece. Wear it plain, or embellish to your heart's content! Check the links at the bottom of the page to learn more, and to see some wonderful examples of this nice stitch.
Thanks to Jenn to requesting this tutorial.  :)
Nymo size B or D
(depending on the size bead you're using. We'll be using size 8.0 beads with size D Nymo for this bracelet)
Small needle (you will be going through each bead in the core 4 times, so you need a nice small needle. A size 10 works good with size 8.0 beads, but you'll probably want a size 12 needle if you're using anything smaller)
2 colors of size 8.0 beads     Clasp of your choice
Ok! Let's get started. Cut a length of thread that's comfortable for you to use...I use about  6 feet because I hate adding thread. :)  Be sure to pre-stretch your Nymo, and run it through some Thread Heaven a couple of times.

String on 4 core beads (Black) and 3 outer beads (White). Go back up through (from the bottom) the 4 core beads in the same direction, so that the white beads are lying alongside the black ones. Be sure to leave about a 6" tail to string your clasp on later.
Pick up 1 core and 3 outer beads. Go back up through 3 of the core beads you added previously, and push the beads to the side so that they are lying next to the other white beads.
Now, holding the white beads to one side, go through the last core bead you added.  You may wish to go through this bead at the same time you're going through the 3 previous beads, but I think it's easier this way.  After doing it for a while, you'll find your own way that's easiest for you.  :)

This is the hardest part of the stitch.... there's not much to hang on to yet, but it gets easier.....I promise!
Keep adding beads in this manner..... 1 core, 3 outer, and going through 3 of the previous core beads and the new one you add. Be sure to always push the outer beads over in the same direction, so they are lying snug against each other. 
And that's it!  The outer beads will start to spiral around the core beads after about the 4th set.

Keep going until it's the length you want for a bracelet or necklace, attach your clasp and sit back and admire your handiwork! 
After you feel you have this stitch down, try using different sizes of beads. You could use all size 11.0 beads, or you could use size 8.0 for the core, with 4 bead sets on the outside. Try using a tiny tim for the 2nd bead in the 3 outside bead set, or even a gemstone chip! 

Pat Savu has a tutorial on adding an accent bead in the middle of your necklace, along with some great tips on spirals.

here for pics of spirals and some more links.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me!
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