Examples of Spiral Stitch to get those creative juices flowing!
This is the bracelet in the Spiral Tutorial. It was made with size 8.0 black and silver-lined clear beads.  I used a handmade clasp that's attached to jumprings.
This beauty was made by Jo Arnow (Quickmouse) and shows just one way of making a simple spiral into a work of art. Jo made a removable peyote stitched front with lots of fabulous fringe, and and gorgeous spear beads with an AB (aurora borealis) finish.  She can wear the spiral alone for a more casual look, or put the front piece on for a dramatic, 'out on the town' look.
Thanks Jo!
Here's a watch that I made using two short pieces of spiral stitching on each side. This was made with size 8.0 beads.
Katie Magills instructions on how to do a double spiral are here.   You can see pictures of it in her bracelet gallery. Check out her other fabulous beadwork while you're there!

Check back for more spiral links....I'll be adding them as I find them.  I'd also like to invite anyone who has a picture to share to
email it to me.
This necklace was made with size 11.0 seeds and a Fancy Jasper pendant.
Marilyn Freer sent this pic of a partriotic bracelet she made. She used Matsuno silver lined red, blue and Ceylon snow colored size 11.0 beads to make it. Fabulous!
I made this necklace using size 8.0 seeds for the core and 4mm Swarovski pearls for the outside beads. I switched to size 6mm pearls in the center.
This necklace was made using a double spiral technique from Katie Magill's website.  To see  more of my double spirals, look in the 2006 album here.
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