Spiral 'V' shaped Necklace
I've always loved doing spiral necklaces, but wanted a V shape to hang pendants and other focal pieces from. So I sat down one day and played with it until I came up with this.  Since posting the picture at my Picturetrail site, I've gotten a minimum of 2 requests a day for the directions, so I'm finally getting around to writing them up. I hope you'll enjoy making it.   :)
You'll need to know how to do a basic spiral before doing this...
here are directions.

*2 colors of size 11.0 seed beads
*A focal bead (bead caps, etc. are optional)
*Thread (I used 8lb Fireline)
*Size 12 Needle
*A clasp of your choice
NOTE: This tutorial will only print well from Internet Explorer. For some reason it doesn't print well with other browsers.
Click picture for larger view
Begin by making one half of your necklace, leaving a tail at the beginning to attach your clasp with. For instance, if you want your necklace to be 18" long, make a 9" piece now.
Ok, this part is up to you. :)  Add your focal bead(s) either by stringing them like fringe, or by making a loop to attach them to.
<.... Fringe technique
Loop technique......>
If you are making it like mine, string the bead(s), then add a seed bead last. Go back up through all the beads, skipping the end seed bead. (This is the 'turn around' bead that will hold the rest of the beads on.)

Step 1.)  Go up through the first  3 core beads of the necklace.

Step 2.)  Pick up one core bead and 3 outside beads and go back up through the same 3 core beads plus your new core bead.

Make sure to push your outside beads to the right this time. (If you were pushing them to the left while making the first half of the necklace.)
Red arrow indicates 'turn around' bead.
Step 3.)  Pick up one core bead and 3 outside beads, and go up through the last 2 core beads on the necklace (indicated by red dots), through the last core bead you added where it branches off, and through your new core bead. Push outside beads to the right.
Step 4.)  Pick up a core bead and 3 outside beads, and go up through the last core bead on the necklace, and two of the new core beads you've added, and through the core bead added in this step.
Now that you are not using any more core beads from the first half, just continue making the second half of the necklace like normal, but always pushing your beads to the right.  

That's all there is to it!
If you would like a deeper V, go up through 4 core beads on the 1st step, and just pick up 3 outside beads (don't add a core bead). Then continure working in the shared core beads as high as you want to go. When you want to branch off, start to pick up your one core bead each time.  :)
If you have any questions, you can just email me.
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