Special Guest Gallery
Welcome to my Special Guest Gallery, where I'll be displaying pictures of pieces done by people using tutorials from my book.  If you would like to have one of your pictures included here, just email me!
This gorgeous choker was beaded by Paula Nettles using size 11.0 Mauve seeds. She added amethyst chips to the end to make it not only adjustable, but fabulous! To see more of this artist's work, visit her at her Picturetrail album site.  Thanks Paula!
April Jennings of White Rose Gifts made this lovely necklace using size 11.0 seeds and glass based pearls.
Two more pictures from April showing a choker, some bracelets and stars.  April was the first to get my book after winning my "Name Ruby's Book" contest, and she jumped right in and started creating beautiful pieces right away!  Thanks April!  
Liz told me that these stars and snowflakes were her first attempt at doing anything with seed beads and thread! Made with size 11.0 seeds, bugles and Swarovski crystals.
Liz says, "I like to try different things, and the snowflakes seemed like a good way for me to try out doing stitchery work."  
I say, "I'm glad you tried! They're beautiful! Thanks for sharing." To see more of Liz's beautiful creations, go to her website.
Joey Desmarais from Karisma Designs shows that even people who have never tried beadweaving before can attain spectacular results right from the start.  Her gorgeous bracelet is done in R.A.W. (right angle weave) and she did a fabulous job adding her own special touches to the stars. Thanks Joey!
This sultry set was made by Jackie for a wedding she attended. She later wore it on her 45th anniversary cruise. I'm betting she turned lots of heads with this set.  I love the way she adapted the pattern to make the matching earrings! Thanks Jackie!
Betty did a wonderful job on these R.A.W. bracelets. The top one is done in Hematite (one of my personal faves) and the bottom is pink fiber optic beads.  I have some of these beads, and believe me, the picture does not do them justice! She used them beautifully. Thanks Betty!
Here's two more great necklaces done by Liz.  The gold bugles and black seeds in the first necklace is a really nice combination.  She used iris blue seeds in the second necklace that gave it a very feminine look.  
These two gorgeous necklaces were created by SherryWayt. In the first one, using pearls, seeds and Swarovski crystal, she combined a daisy stitch with Cecile's wheel that resulted in a stunning bridal necklace! She told me that she is a new beader, and this was her first attempt at combining ideas of her own with someone else's pattern.  The second one is the opposite color, but not opposite in beauty!  Awesome work for a beginner!  Very inspiring!  Thanks Sherry. :)