The short story:
If you enjoy these tutorials, and would like to help support this site, click on the button and drop a dollar or whatever amount you want into the kitty.

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The long story: (If you're wondering how I came to the decision to ask for donations. )

Anyone who has frequented this site has known how much I enjoy sharing my love of beadwork. I was so thrilled when I found beading, and even more thrilled when I discovered that I could actually do it!  I still get thrilled with learning a new stitch, and with discoveries of using an old stitch in a new way. But I don't live in a vacuum. If I don't share these things, they just go in a box and get forgotten as I move on to the next discovery.

So I started to write these tutorials so that other people could share in the thrill of discovery. I never get tired of getting those excited emails from people who have discovered that they could do it too!

Since I'm disabled, I can't go out and sell what I make, so the money for this hobby gets pretty thin. I always laugh at the commercials that say that beading is an inexpensive hobby!  And of course I pay a monthly fee for the websites, and that adds to the cost.

My husband and several friends who see how much time I spend working on the site have been urging me to sell my patterns for quite some time, so I decided to do that. But a funny thing happened once I made that decision. I could not create!  My muse fled in horror.  

So I put that idea on the back burner, thinking I'd get back to it.  You know what happened next......the ideas came flooding back in.

I pondered this for quite a while. It occurred to me that it was something about charging money for these patterns that didn't quite sit right with me. Please don't get me wrong.... I have absolutely no bad feelings about anyone who does charge for their work! It's just for me, it was getting in the way.

So I came to this donation idea. Which surprised me. I am not a person who easily asks for help.  But I thought 'What the heck.... it's not like I'm begging on a street corner."  lol  

Anyone who wants to use these tutorials is free to do so, whether or not they want to contribute. I will greatly appreciate anyone who does, but will not hold any ill feelings toward someone who can't or won't.

So thanks to all who contribute to help my soul grow, and thanks to anyone who finds my patterns nice enough to want to use them.

Happy beading!
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