This is a new bed that I put in in the fall of last year (2005).  I pulled a lot of plants from my Meditation garden to put here. The deer kept eating them back there, so I finally gave up on it and started this one close to the house. They don't dare eat from this one!
I have Hostas, Ferns from my Mom, Coleus (of course!) Astilbe and some Lily of the Valley that are just getting started.
Down on this end I put in a couple of Coral Bells next to the Hostas on the end. I suppose I'll have to move them when they get bigger, but they're fine here for now. ;)
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Mr. Boots loves that he doesn't have to walk in the grass to get to the back door.  ;)
I thought I'd put the pictures of the bed in front of the apartment (on the other side of the garage) on this page instead of giving it it's own page.