Here's everything that is still in bloom over Labor Day 2006
These blue Morning Glories got a slow start, but they're blooming up a storm now!  :)
My first Canna to bloom. They've been in bloom everywhere else for weeks.....I don't know why mine are so late, and so short!  Last year they were 3 or 4 times as tall.
Here are the only Dahlias that made it over the winter. They sure are beautifull....I just wish more would have survived!

Mouse over for a close-up!
The Autumn Joy Sedums are getting some color now, and they're just buzzing with bees!

Mouse over for a close-up!

You can see the bare spots behind them...... The dang moles dug up all of my purple Liatris, my beloved Dianthus, and my new dark maroon Hollyhock. Grrrrr
The Gallardia is still blooming away even though I haven't been doing my job of deadheading.
Here's Emma, my gardening buddy.  :)  This was taken before the moles got to that Hollyhock.  :(

That's Amaranth growing next to the lattice.
Fortunately, the moles haven't gotten to this Dianthus yet!
The bunnies ate all the Morning Glories, so I planted one more. But it had a late start, and didn't have time to grow really well so my trellis looked pretty bare this year.
The one I planted next to the windmill sure did good though!  I just can't get over how high they can grow in one short season. Amazing!!!
Some flowers from the Iris bed. There are moss roses, a couple of different kinds of Celosia and a Bloodleaf plant.
I still have tons of flowers blooming in the front garden!

Mouse over for a close-up of the Celosia and Sweet Allysum
I love this Balsam Impatiens!  (The one with the pink flowers)  I got the seed from a friend of mine (Thanks Cat!) and it really took off.  I'll plant lots more of these next year!  

Mouse over for a close-up!
All those stalks have buds covering them!
All the flowers and plants in the rock planter on the corner are doing great too. I'm surprised that all those Coleus survived our super hot and dry summer!

See the spray on the edge (I don't know what that plant is called) but I wintered it over from last year, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I used to throw those out in the fall,  but now I know that they winter-over fine in the house. :)
Here's a picture from the other side..... Those Coleus are so beautiful with the sun shining through the leaves.  :)
My Delphiniums are in their second bloom!  Not as tall or as many as the spring bloom, but just as beautiful.  :)
The roses both here in the front garden and in the hill garden are blooming still.
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