This pattern was my first attempt at graphing a tubular peyote piece. I had a hard time visualizing making it round when I was working on flat paper, so as a result, this bracelet ended up with two sides! lol  But that's ok.....I can wear it vine side in, or vine side out. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd share it with anyone who wants to try it.

See bottom of page for links to tubular peyote tutorials.  :)

Have fun!
Right click on the graph to save it to your hard drive.

I drew in the slanted lines which indicate your starting bead for each row.
And to make it really easy for you, I made up a word graph, so you don't have to try to follow the pattern. :)  This starts at the bottom arrow, and ends at the top arrow. Do as many repeats of these 16 rows as you need to make your necklace or bracelet.

Repeat these 16 rows: G = Green, W = white, R = Red, and C = center bead. This is the center for the red flowers.

2G, 2W
W,2R, W
W,R, W, G
2W, G, W
2W, G, W
W,G, 2W
G, R, 2W
2R, W,G
C, 3W
R, W, G, R
W, G, W, R
If you make something with this pattern, and would like to show it on this page, just email it  to me.  
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Links to Tubular Peyote tutorials:
Suzanne Cooper's Jump start classroom
Paula S. Morgan at the About Beadwork site
Beltana's Beads  (Note: she works from the top down, while my pattern is written from the bottom up)
ArtCraft World
Bead & Button
There are lots more tutorials on this stitch online....I just took the first few that came up on a search. If you want to look at more, just google 'Tubular Peyote Stitch', and it will come up with lots of them!
Please use this pattern only for your own personal use.  :)
A special thanks to Billie Sanchez at Wicked Oak Designs for helping me to wrap my mind around the mechanics of making the pattern!