Ruby's Heart Motif Tutorial
4mm round beads
8.0 seeds
11.0 seeds      
(See tips at end of tutorial about bead sizes)
spear beads
Fireline fishing line (8 or 10lb test)
size 12 needle
This is a fun motif that works up quickly and can incorporate many different beads to achieve a different look every time.

I am only showing the center motif here. Add any kind of strap you like to finish it off!  I've shown one with a R.A.W. (Right Angle Weave) strap in the above picture, and one with a single strand here.  Try a netted strap! Or do a Chevron strap.  (From Eagle Spirit website)Whatever you think will add the perfect finishing touch.  :)
Ok, let's get started.  
You may want to decide which type of strap you're going to use (woven or strung) before you start so you can determine thread length.  For a strung strap, start with about 5' of thread. For a woven strap, adjust up accordingly.  Don't worry about the long'll only be working with half of it at a time. :)
Begin by picking up one 8.0, one 4mm, one 8.0 and one 4mm. Tie in a circle at the middle of your thread.  Bring your needle through the next two bead so that you're coming out of a side 4mm bead.  Now you're in position to do the next round.
Pick up 8,4,8 and making a circle, go back down through the bead you came out of.  Then needle through so that you are coming out of the side bead again like before.
Repeat last step 3 more times.  Now you should have 5 'sets'.  (5 large beads)
Go through the next 8.0 bead, pick up a spear bead and go through the next 8.0.
We'll do something a little different here, and come back and put the middle spear in later.  Pick up 3 size 11.0 seeds and go through the next 8.0 You may have to manipulate these 3 beads a little so the fit in the space in a 'v' shape.

Then put in you last spear in the last space.
Pick up four 8s, and go around the outside and through the 1st  8.0 bead on the top.

NOTE: Depending on the size of the 8.0 beads (they do differ) you may want to use 5 or 6 beads here.
Now put an 8 in between the next two beads, go through two beads, and put another 8 in between the last set.
Pick up your 4 side beads and go into the first 8 on the bottom. Continue through to the 2nd size 11 bead.
Pick up 3 size 11s, a spear and 3 11s. Making a circle, go back through the bead you came out of in the same direction.  (did that make sense?) Look at pic.  ;)
Now just needle through until you're coming out of the top. Put your needle on the other side of the thread and needle through so that it's coming out of the bead on the opposite side.

Now you're ready to make your strap!
Experiment with different sizes of beads. For instance, you can go up a size on all of them... use a size 6mm for your large, a 4mm for the medium, and a size 8.0 seed for the small.  Try using teardrop beads instead of spears.  Try bicone shapes in place of the large rounds.  Just play with the basic design and see what you can come up with. It's fun!

I'll add links to different chains here when I can find time to do it, but for now try to envision this motif with different weaves.... spiral stitch, peyote, netting, etc.
Here's another example.. I used leaf beads on this one, and went around the outside with size 11.0 red beads when I was done.