* I like to use a heavier thread for ankle braclets since they get more stressed than a bracelet.
I'm going to be using a lobster clasp on this anklet, so I'm going to start with the loop that the lobster will attach to. If you'd like to use another type of clasp, you can begin with the ladder stitching and attach your clasp later.
Pick up 10 beads and tie them in a circle.  Go back around the ring at least once more, and make sure to go at least 2 beads past your knot. Snug it up so that your knot gets pulled inside a bead. Thread your tail on another needle and weave it into the circle and clip.
Begin your ladder stitch by picking up 2 beads, then going back up through 2 side beads of the circle, then down through the 2 new beads.
Repeat one more time, so that you have 2 columns of beads next to the circle.
Now pick up 1 seed, the 4mm bead, and 1 seed.  Go up through the last column, through the first seed and 4mm bead you picked up in this step. Your needle will be coming out of the bottom of the 4mm bead.
This fun anklet is made in 2 passes, and can be made to look dressy or casual depending on the beads.
Size 11.0 seeds
Size 8.0 seeds  (approx. 10 - 15)
Size 4mm bead  (appro. 10-15)

*Thread  (I'm using 8lb. Crystal Fireline)
Needle (a size 12 needle works great with these sizes)
Clasp of your choice.
Now pick up 4 seeds, and go down through the top of the 4mm bead, then up through 3 of the seeds.
Continue to make your 2 bead ladder for a total of 5 columns. (7 columns counting the ones that are on the sides of the 4mm bead. 
Then do another large bead as before.
Repeat the ladder and large bead segments to the length you want, and end with 2 columns.  * See notes at end for length.

On this end, I'm attaching my lobster, so I'm just going to use 5 beads in my circle. (A total of 7 counting the last column.)
I like to go around the circle 2 or 3 times to make sure it's sturdy.  End with your thread coming out of the last 2 bead column.
I used jumprings to attach my lobster, but of course you can just sew it on as you're making your loop.
Weave your way back to the 4 mm bead, then with the thread coming out of the bottom, pick up one 8.0 seed and nine 11.0 seeds.

Go back up through the 8.0 and the 4mm bead.
Go through the next 3 seeds, then pick up 13 seeds for your swag. Go up through the 3 seeds next to the next 4mm bead.  Go down through the 4mm bead, and make your 8.0, 9 dangle as you did in the last picture.

Repeat these two steps to the end.
When you get to the other end, just weave up and down to the end loop, go around the loop a time or two, then weave up and down through your columns as far as you'd like and clip your thread.  If you'd feel better, you can always knot the thread around the bridge between beads before clipping.  :)
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I like this anklet length to be a little longer than other anklets, because I like it to drape down on the foot just a little.
When determining length, be sure to figure in the length of your clasp.  Also, the beads used will make a difference in how many repeats there will be in the anklet. For instance, Czech seeds are just a tiny bit smaller than Japanese beads, so you may need to use more or less repeats to achieve the length. 
You can also add or subtract columns of beads at the ends if that helps to make the length right for you.
Just have fun with it, try different beads and sizes, and see what happens! 

I got the nickel seeds that I used for this tutorial from Cindy's Crafts.  They are #464
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