Begin by tying on a stopper bead.  (You'll remove this later.)
Leave a long enough tail to weave in after you're done with the base circle.

*Pick up 4 red and 4 silver.

Go back through the 1st silver bead. It should now look like the picture in the inset.
I'll refer to the silver bead set as a 'flower', and the beads in the flower as 'petals' from here on.
Repeat from * 7 more times, for a total of 8 red bead sets and 8 flowers.  (end with a flower)

After last flower, remove your stopper bead and tie in a circle.

Needle through the next 4 red beads, and the next 2 silver beads so that you're thread is coming out of the bottom of your flower.  You're now in position to begin your first round.

I like to weave in my tail at this point. Going about halfway around the circle should be good.
Round 1)  Pick up 3 red and 4 silver.  Go back through the 1st silver to form your flower.

Pick up 3 more red and go through the bottom 'petal' of the next flower in your base row.

Repeat around.
End your round by going through the bottom petal of the flower in the base row that you started this round with. (marked with X)

Then needle through the next 3 red and the next 3 silver so you're coming out of the bottom of the first flower you added in this round.
(this is referred to as a 'step-up' in netting)

After each round, I like to turn the piece over so I'm always working from left to right.
Round 2)  Pick up 6 silver and 4 red. Make your flower with the red.

Pick up 6 more silver and go through the bottom petal of the next flower from round 1.

Repeat around, and do your step-up to be in position for your next round.  

Pretty easy isn't it?
Round 3)  Do this round the same as the last, except this time use 9 silver beads on either side of your flower.

Don't forget to do the step-up at the end of the round.

If you put your netting on your ornament now, you'll notice that it's kinda baggy.  So in the next round, we'll decrease a little to snug it up. :)
Round 4) We're going to put a drop on this round too. I'm using a 4mm round crystal and a 5 x 7mm teardrop shape. Experiment with other drops... make them short or long, demure or showy!

Pick up 3 silver, 1 red, 1 silver, 1 small crystal, 1 silver, 1 red, 1 teardrop and 3 red.

Skip the red beads and go back up through the bottom of the teardrop. (the 3 red beads will form a picot)

Continue up through the red, silver, small crystal, and silver. Pull snug.

Pick up 1 red and 2 silver and connect to the next flower.

Repeat around.  This will tighten the net around the ornament.
After you make your last drop, put your net on your ornament before adding the last 4 beads and connecting. Smooth it down over the ornament, and then connect.  Now it should be nice and tight!

Needle through a few more beads, make a knot, and then weave your thread back up through the piece and clip.  Be careful not to scratch your ornament while weaving.

If you like more dangles on your ornaments, go ahead and put some more on!  Try making longer dangles in between the short ones!  Your creativity is your only limit.

Hang it up and wait for Santa.  :)
Easy Netted Ornament
Netting around ornaments is not only fun, it's easy!  This ornament is done in 5 rounds, and should only take about an hour once you get used to the stitch.

Sorry for the bad pic... I am NOT good with my digital camera!  ;)
One medium ornament...
I don't know what size it is, (it wasn't marked on the box) but it measures about 5.5" around the middle.

2 Colors size 11.0 seeds
8 ~ 4mm crystals or glass beads
8 ~ 5x7mm teardrop shaped crystals
Nymo D thread
Pictures of more netted ornaments
Look in the Christmas album