This is a very simple bracelet to learn and complete. Once you get going, it will take an hour or less!

* Approx. 45 Tube beads  (I used 5x3 Hemalyke tubes)
* Size 8.0 seeds in a contrasting color
* Size 5mm round bead (for center of squares)
* Fireline fishing line
(Since the tubes are heavy, I suggest using Fireline, Spiderline, etc. instead of thread. If you use thread, be sure to weave back through your bracelet to reinforce it.)
*Clasp of your choice (I'm using a toggle)

KEY: S = Seed   T = Tube bead  C = Center bead
Pick up 1S,1T,1S,1T,1S,1T,1S,1T (total of 8 beads) and tie in circle. Leave a tail to weave in later.
Now needle through the next 4 beads, so you're coming out of the side tube bead. Pull want to keep a good tension on this.

Now you're in postion to add the next square.
*Pick up 1S, 1T, 1S, 1T, 1S, 1T, 1S ( total of 7 beads) and making a circle, go down through the side bead as shown.

note: If your thread is coming out of the bottom of the side, go down through the top. If your thread is coiming out of the top, go up through the bottom.
Needle through the next 4 beads so you're coming out of the side tube bead.

Note: I find that the squares retain a better shape if I needle through the first 3 beads (S,T,S) and pull tight, then go through the side tube bead.
Repeat from * to the end.  I made 14 squares for mine, but make it to fit your wrist. Be sure to subtract about an inch for the clasp.
When you get it the length you want, it's time to attach one side of the clasp.

Pick up 5 seeds and making a circle, go down through your side tube bead as shown.

Needle through so that your needle is now coming out of the middle seed. (number 3 of the 5 you just added.)
Now pick up a seed, a tube, a seed and your toggle.  (the circle part of the clasp end is made different)

Go back down through the S,T,S and then back through the seed you came out of (in the 5 bead set.)  You'll want to go through this seed on the other side than where your thread came out of to center the toggle nicely. (See fancy arrows)
Weave your thread around your last square and back up through the toggle to reinforce.

You may like it just as it is right now! If so, weave your thread around and tie off. Then go to the directions for adding the other side of the clasp.  Attach that side, put the bracelet on and dance around the room!

If you want to add the middle beads, read on.......
This part is easy!  Choose the bead you'd like to use for your centers, and pick up a seed, your bead, and another seed. Cross over the center and go up through the next side tube bead.  Repeat for the length of the bracelet.  (the  red line shows the thread path.)

You can use a smaller bead for the center, or use a larger one and eliminate the seeds on either side of it. Play around and see what look you like the best!
When you get to the end, add your 5 seeds like you did on the other side. Weave around and come out of the center seed again. Add one seed and your clasp. Go back through the seed, and into the bracelet. Weave around until you feel it's secure and snip.  Now weave in the tail and snip.  You're done!
DESIGN TIPS:  Don't be afraid to play with different size beads with this stitch. Try using bugle beads, or use bugles on the sides of the squares, with seeds on the top and bottom of the squares.  Use crystals, or glass beads for the center.  It's a very easy stitch to play other words, it's easy to tear out if you don't like it.  ;)
The picture below shows one I made using bugles on the side and seeds on the top and bottom. I used seeds for the centers instead of large beads. I put 3 seeds in place of the S,C,S combination. When I got to the end, I went back the other way and added a seed, went through the center bead and added one more seed  (completing an X)  before going up through the side bugle.
This may be slow to load since I wanted the pictures to be as large as possible for easy viewing. :)