For Pendant:
Fireline or thread of your choice (I'm using 8lb Fireline)
Six 6mm fire polished crystals
Seven 6mm pearls
Size 8.0 seeds
Size 11.0 seeds
Needle  (I use a size 12)

For Necklace:
Soft Flex or beading cable of your choice
Beads of your choice (I'm using size 8.0 seeds)
Easy 3-dimensional Pendant Necklace

I've seen a similar motif lots of times on Japanese sites, but they use a double needle method (or no needles....just both ends of the line). I'm too uncoordinated to work with both ends at once, so I figured out this way of doing it with one needle. ;) Thanks for suggesting it Jill!
(I'll be using Smoky Topaz Luster FP beads, light Caramel pearls, and iris bronze seeds in this tutorial.)

Thread your needle with about 36" of thread. Begin by picking up a sz 8, a sz 11, an 8, etc.... until you have 6 of each. Tie in a circle.  Leave about 4 to 6 inches tail for adding the center bead later.
Needle through so you're coming out of a larger bead (size 8.0)

*Pick up 1 crystal and an 8, then go back down through the crystal (skipping over the 8) and go into the next two beads in the circle. (A small and a large.) Pull tight.

<........This is what it looks like now. :)
Repeat from * 5 more times.  After you've put your last crystal on, go up through the first crystal, and the 8.0 bead on top of it so that you're in position to add the next row.
This row is really easy!  All you do is put a pearl in between each of the outer size 8 beads.
Now go all the way around again, (through the outer pearls and 8.0 beads) but pull really tight as you go!  This will shape the flower. If it's still too floppy, go around again, and pull tighter!  (I usually go around 2 or 3 times..... it gives it a good stiff feel, and the flower won't collapse.)
<....  this is what it will look like from the side.
At this point I like to put my center bead in, although you can do it at any time you wish after you make the beginning circle.

Put a needle on your tail and needle through until you're coming out of a large bead. Pick up a pearl (or whatever bead you want for your center) and go up through a bead on the opposite side of the circle.

Needle around a circle a few times and clip.
Make sure your thread is coming out of a size 8.0 bead, and then pick up the following to make your bail.....  two 11s, one 8, one pearl (any size) one 11, one 8 (center of bail), one 11, one pearl, one 8, two 11s.  Go back into the the size 8 bead on the pendant in the opposite direction, making a circle.
Needle through all the beads in the bail again, except this time, skip the center bead. Make sure your thread goes underneath it, and continue on through the rest of the beads. When you pull tight, this will pop that center bead up, making it easy to thread your necklace through it.  :)

Needle back into the pendant, go around a few times, work your way to the center, and go around one or two more times and clip.

Ta da!
Making the bail

You can make your bail using any beads you'd like in any pattern you'd like....this is just a suggestion. :)
A few tips.....

If you'd like to make a pendant that lies flat, try putting a couple of seeds on either side of the outer pearls on the last round!

Try using different sizes and shapes of beads to see what you can come up with. It's fun to experiment!

Make 7 or 8 of these motifs and join them together for a bracelet!

And the last tip, as always,
Ruby's Jewelry Design & Beadwork
To see more examples of this motif, or any of my other beadwork, click here.
To string on the necklace, run your cable through the top bead in the bail, then add your beads, and crimp on clasp.  If you need help learning to crimp, go here for an animated crimping tutorial.  :)