Here are some other flowers and plants I have growing around the place.  New pictures added in August!
This is a geranium that I've wintered over for two years now. Every spring I have my doubts that it will come back because it looks so terrible, but it comes back beautifully!
Here's one of the few Morning Glories that made it (I started a bunch of them from seed) The ones on the lattice in the hill garden are just starting to get buds, so I'm looking forward to blossoms soon. This one is planted on the back corner of the windmill.
This is in the back yard where Paul feeds his birds. It's where I want to put our next garden. I want to plant all bird friendly plants here. I just have to wait until Paul has time to dig it up for me. ;)  Hopefully having a flower bed here will take the attention away from those ugly spetic tank vents. yuk!
My Dahlia bed was a bust this year since only a couple of the Dahlias made it (in the cellar) over the winter. But I have Cannas and Callas in there, so when they bloom, I'll put them on this page, so check back in August. :)
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Here's one of the Dahlias and one of the Calla Lilies that made it.  (July 26th-06)
Another view of the Morning Glories, along with the new yellow/green Spirea, a Barbury and Pointenilla (both from last year).
(Angie left her lawn chair on top of the pumphouse.)

The second picture was taken on August 8th. You can see how much everything has grown since the last pic! (Angie's chair is STILL on the pumphouse! lol)
Mouse over for a picture of this planter on August 8th.
Blooms on the Potato vine!
A pink Dahlia that just bloomed on August 4th.
Some Coleus in a pot on a stool.
Some Calla lilies I have growing in a pot by the front door.