Hi Rob,
This is where I'm digging the new garden. (I marked it with a red line) It's the only place that gets sun all day, so it will be a fun garden. Besides....that will be the first thing you see when you pull into the driveway!  
See....I got my path dug today!  It doesn't look like much, but it's 12 feet long, and those grass roots are deep!
I couldn't resist.... even though I can't go with my original plan of having a raised bed here, I just wanted to see what it would have looked like. (sorta)  I was planning on making it 3 boards high.

Maybe I can just dig these in halfway, and still plant here.
Can't you just see it....overflowing with hostas and Impatiens!
Here's another view of my iris bed that wasn't on any of the other pages. See how great those silver mound look? I am SO happy they came back!
This is what it looked like by the garage when I planted..... mouse over for now!  I LOVE those coleus!!!!
Here are my roses today. And that's after I cut off a bunch to bring in the house!  The pink flowers in the corner of the picture are shrub roses, and they've been blooming all summer too. :)
Hershey is such a happy boy when I'm outside with him. :)  And he's a big ol hambone too.... I'm trying to take the picture of the bed in front of the apartment, but he kept stepping in front of the camera and smiling, so I snapped the shot. ;)