Step 2.
To do the first row of netting, pick up 2 small, 1 large and 2 small. Go into the next large bead in the ring.

Repeat around.

Size 15.0 seeds
Size 11.0 seeds
18mm domed cabachon
Thread of your choice (I used 8lb Fireline)
Size 12 needle
The Netted Cab
NOTE: I'll be referring to the size 11.0 beads as the "large" and "point"  beads, and the size 15.0 beads as the 'small' beads.

Step 1.
Begin with about 30 -36" of thread. Pick up 24 beads in this order... 1 large, 3 small.
Tie in a circle leaving enough of a tail to weave in later. Needle through the first large bead.
Step 3.
When you get to the last one, go into the bead your thread was coming out of when you started this row. Then needle though the 2 small and 1 large bead. (This is your 'point bead.) This is called a 'step up'. Now you are in position to start your second row.
Step 4.

Do this row the same as the last row, except this time pick up 3 small, 1 large and 3 small.

Repeat around.

Do the step up again like you did on the last round so you're in position to do the next round.
On the last row, pick up 2 small, 1 large, 2 small.  Repeat around.
Weave this row a little loose. This is going to be the decreasing row.

When you're done with the row and have stepped up for the next row, take a minute to weave in your tail thread if you haven't already done that.

Now we're ready to put the cab in.

Lay the cab face down in the center of your netting.

Pull tight on the thread, snugging up the last row you put on.  

Holding the cab in place with your thumb, do the next row.

Pick up 5 small beads and go through the point bead of your last row.  Repeat around. Pull tight! This will snug the netting around the cab.

Now do your last row.  Pick up 3 small beads and go through the 3rd bead of your 5 bead set.  (the middle bead) Repeat around, pulling very tight.

Now needle through all the beads of that last row to tighten it up. Pull tight!
This shows the back of the cab after putting on the 5 bead row.
And this shows the back after doing the last row.
If you'd like, you can keep adding rows of netting to completely cover the back, but this where I normally stop.
Now you can add a bail, using a simple loop of beads, or by making a Peyote bail, or by slipping a jump ring through the top of the netting.

Or you can add on from the sides and make a bracelet, or necklace.  You could even put a pinback on it and wear it as a brooch. Once you get the cab made, you will think of all kinds of fun stuff to do with them. :)
Depending on what beads you've used, you may have to increase or decrease the amount of beads in the last 2 rows, or you may have to increase or decrease the number of rows you use. For instance, Japanese size 11 beads are slightly larger than size 11 Czech beads, or Delicas.

If you don't have any size 15.0 beads, you can use Charlottes, which are size 13, but you may have to adjust the count when you use those too. Since the beading takes so little time, it's easy to tear our a row or two to make adjustments.

An 18mm cab will vary in size too depending on how high the dome is, etc. and this may cause you to adjust the bead count also.  I used transparent silver backed acrylic cabs, but of course you can use any kind of cabachon you like. Flatback crystal rhinestones would look fabulous!
Click here to see what I've made with the netted cabs so far.
The most important thing to remember is to have fun!
Ruby's Jewelry Design & Beadwork  Copyright 2006