Size 11.0 Delica beads  (for Peyote bead base)
Size 15.0 seed beads  in 2 colors (G = gold, and P = peak bead color...purple)
Size 12 (or smaller) needle
Thread of your choice  ( I used 8lb Fireline)
Step 2

Then zip up the ends, zigzagging back and forth between the up beads on each side.  End by going down through the top bead so that your needle is pointing into the work.
*You will need to know how to do even count Peyote to make this bead. Click here for a quick lesson, or look at the end of the tutorial for more links.
The Netted Bead (used as a cuff for my 'Convertible Necklaces')
Embellishing with the Netting
Step 1
Pick up 2 G, 1 P, 2 G. Skip a bead in the base bead, and go up through the next one.  
NOTE: The purple beads will be the point beads. These are the beads that connect the rows of netting.

Step 2
Pick up 3 G beads (this will be the top picot) and go back down through the base bead you came out of. Also go through the last gold bead you strung on the 2G, 1P, 2G set. Pull snug.
Making the base bead
I've put this on one of my metal mandrels for ease of scanning. You don't need a mandrel to make it. :)
Step 3

Pick up 1G, 1P, 2G. Skip a bead on the base bead and go up through the next bead.

Pick up 3G beads for your picot, then go back down through the same base bead you came out of, and also down through the last gold bead of the 4 bead set.
Repeat from *  all the way around.  Keep a good even tension on your work.
Step 4

When you reach the beginning, pick up 1G, 1P, and 1G. (The beads marked with the red stars.) Go up through the first gold bead you strung on this row, and through the base bead above it.

Make your picot, then go down through the base bead again, and through the first 3 beads of the first set you strung. Youll be coming out of the purple bead, and are now in position to start your next row. (See picture below.)
NOTE: Your work shouldnt be this loose.  Its hard to keep it tight and lay it on the scanner.  So please, do yours much nicer than this one!  J
A tip on making the picots……  If your picots arent forming a nice little peak as youre sewing them into place, try putting your needle tip through the middle bead as youre pulling the thread tight. That will usually pop them into line.
Step 5

Pick up 2G, 1P, 2G and go up through the next point bead.

Repeat 5 more times.
Step 6

When you get to where you started this row, pick up 2G, 1P, 2G, and go through the P bead from the 1st row, then through the next 2G, and 1P. Now you're in position to do the next row.  (This is called the 'step up' in netting.)

The stars are marking the first set you added in this row.  See above pic.  The stars on this picture are marking the same beads as the stars on the picture in step 5.
Step 7
Do three more rows with 2G, 1P, 2G.  At the end of the last row, needle through to the point bead to do the step-up. Now you're in position to start your last row.

Step 8

Pick up 2G, and go up through a base bead that is in line with your netting.

The netting looks loose at this point, but when we attach it to the base bead, it will tighten up.  

Step 9

Make a picot, then go back down through the base bead, and the 2nd  gold bead you strung on the last step.

Step 10

Pick up 1 more gold bead and go through the next point bead.
Step 11

Repeat from step 8, all the way around.

Make sure to pull tight so there is no gap between the beads.
Finish by weaving your thread through the beads.  I've shown a sample thread path, but you can weave your thread anywhere you like, as long as its secure.

Clip your thread, then weave in you tail on the other end.

Step 1.

Make an even count Peyote strip with the Delicas that is 14 beads wide and 14 rows high.  
(The green bead you see at the top is the stopper bead. Take that off and weave in this tail after zipping up the bead.)
Row 2
Here are some links for learning how to do even count Peyote...

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