Cosmos and Zebrina Hollyhocks from front garden
Coleus planters
Two tiered planter by front door
Shed bed with Coleus, Bleeding Heart, Polka Dot Plants, Hostas and Begonias.
Begonias in window box of Shed bed
Now we go around to the back yard..........
This is the newest shade bed in the back of the house. I put this in last fall.
Close-up of some of the Coleus.
More Coleus next to some ferns from my mom. :)
The site of the next flower bed. I already bought the Mums I want to put there, but just put them in a barrel until we get the garden dug. :)
This is where the pool used to be, and where we plan on putting in a water feature. (Fancy word for a small pond.) The pool was 24' round, but I dobt we'll make the water feature that big. Ya never know though!
Some baskets I planted.