More Flowers 3  (Aug. 2005)
Wow, what a difference a year makes!  This was the iris bed at this time last year. Put your mouse on the pic to see this year.

Pretty amazing huh?

You can see I didn't have the hill garden dug yet, and the little bed by Paul's garage was pretty bad looking too.  I finally finished it the other day. Look below for the new picture. :)
I didn't think those lilies would bloom up there because they're in the shade most of the day, but happily, I was wrong. :)

Next year I'm going to put more Astilbe in, and of course some more Coleus.

Look at my little ornamental Willow tree on the corner. It's doing really good there!

I've got a little burning bush on this end, but it's not doing so well. Maybe it'll do better next year.
Here's a close-up of the Coleus and the Astilbe that are by the garage.  There's also some Double Impatiens peeking out by the Coleus. I planted them too close... who knew that Coleus would get so huge?

There's pink Double Impatiens in front of the lilies. Again...I planted them too close. Last year those lilies hardly grew at all.  This year.......BOOM!  
Another angle of the Iris bed and those pretty pink Snapdragons.
The pink roses are really blooming! There were hardly any the other day when I put up those last pictures for you.
And my Ramblin' Red roses are blooming great now too!  I really need to tie them to the trellis, but I'm always afraid of breaking the stems.
My hardy Hibiscus finally bloomed! It's had buds on it for a couple of weeks, and I've been waiting patiently.

It was worth the wait!!!!!! It's gigantic!

There's about 30 more buds on it too. It's going to be pretty spectacular!
I had to have Angie stand next to it while I took the picture so you can get a feel for the size. It completely covers her hand!   It's so beautiful! (And this picture was taken this morning before it was open all the way!)

It came up with 2 shoots, and even the smaller plant behind this one is loaded with buds. It will be really interesting to see what it does next year!
These are some mini hollyhocks. They're so cute!
My Joe Pye Weed is really looking nice.  Especially for a first year plant!

It's about waist high now.
These are the new Dianthus I put in the hill garden. I just love these flowers!  The ones I planted last year in the front bed are on their second bloom now, and look fabulous.  :)
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Moss Roses at the base of the Clematis trellis that Kevin (Zoe's hubby) made for me.
Here's another picture of the Clematis/Morning Glory Trellis.  Can't wait for it to bloom!
Here are some Geraniums that are planted on the house side of the trellis. These are from last year.
Now for the Giant Hardy Hibiscus!
TA DA!  
Can you believe the size of it?