More Flowers 2   (Aug. 5th, 2005)
This is a Dahlia that I planted in the front garden. It's a little different than the other lavender ones in the Dahlia bed.
The Persian Shield and wave Petunias in the whiskey barrel.
Here's a pic of the shed bed.  I'm so glad Paul and Zoe found enough rocks to put around it. It sure dresses up that run down old shed. ;)
A close up of the hanging planter. I put Impatiens, Coleus and variagated vince vine in it. I think it's so pretty!
I found this purse for a quarter at a garage sale. I think it looks really cute with the potato vine in it......

.....even though I have to go out and water it twice a day.  ;)
A close up of that gorgeous Celosia.
My first Clematis flowers!  Yay!  I have 2 more plants growing on this trellis..... one is white and the other is pink. It's going to look so pretty when they're all blooming at the same time.
Here's the top of that trellis. I guess I needed one that was a lot taller!  This one is about 7 feet tall, and the plants are growing right off the top!

The larger leaves are the Morning Glory. It sure is a good growing plant. Now if it would only flower!
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The pink in the variagated potato vine is a perfect match to the pink Petunias!
Two shots of the Iris bed. The grapevine on the windmill is really doing good this year. The birds sure love it!