Here are some pics of the front flower bed. The ornamental Kale is getting huge!  I can't wait for fall...that's when it's supposed to get really colorful.

The Celosia is really pretty isn't it?  I think I'll plant more of those next year. I love the dark leaves and of course the flowers are pretty too. :)
I'll have to look them up so see if they're a true annual or not. It sure would be nice to keep cuttings over the winter for next year!
See what I mean about the Hollyhocks coming back with a vengeance? They just go nuts in this bed!  And I pulled a bunch of them and planted them in other places, and gave a bunch away too!  

This was all from one plant last year!
Two different views of the Cosmos up in the hill garden. I planted them late (end of June) but they have grown like weeds, and have flowered continuously!  I will definitely plant more of these next year.
A Gerbera Daisy
This is a hardy Hibiscus. It's getting so tall!  It's got a ton of buds on it, so it'll be fun to see how big the flowers get.
My Clematis vines are doing great!  I don't have too many flowers, but I expect them to be better next year.

That's a Morning Glory climbing up the side. It's growing good, but it hasn't flowered. I don't know what the problem is. Or maybe they're just late bloomers?

I've got a pot of Moss Roses at the bottom to shade the roots, but I took this pic early in the morning so the flowers aren't open yet.
This is Coreopsis that I got from Zoe. They're so delicate and pretty.
The hanging plants are doing good!  Both of those Begonias are ones I wintered. They were so small and sick looking when I repotted them and put them out this spring. I'm hoping to save them for next year too!

I love the blue Verbena!
Here's a Begonia I wintered.
These little white flowers are called Dragon Flowers. They're in the Iris bed.
A view of the other side of the hill garden.

I have no idea what that big green plant is at the front!  I forgot what I planted there, so I'm just waiting to see what it'll do. It's got really nice leaves, and reddish stems, so even if it doesn't flower, it's still pretty.  :)  It's covering up my Primroses though!  haha
Here's the Joe Pye Weed.  It looks pretty neat now that it's flowered.
Here's the mum you gave me last year. It made it! It's already getting flowers too. :)
And a variagated Canna Lily (also from Zoe)
Some pretty red Verbena
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Some Pink shrub roses
More Flowers
Here's that Hibiscus you gave me years ago. I don't know if you remember, but last year it was sooo pathetic looking. It was only about 6" high, and only had two bare stems coming out of it.

I guess it helps to give it a larger pot, a trim, and fresh dirt once in a while. haha  It's GORGEOUS!  It gets those gigantic deep red flowers just like yours now.  :)
More Flowers 2