Welcome to my Meditation Garden  
This first picture with the deer is the only picture I have of what it looked like before. Pretty wild!  Mouse over the pic to see what it looks like now.

I think the deer will still come to eat from the apple tree.  ;)

Paul has all of his bird feeders hanging from the old swingset, so this is a great place to sit and watch them!
As you can see in the first picture, the boughs of the pine trees came all the way to the ground. Paul decided to trim them up, and  that's when the idea for my special meditation garden was born!  
Here's a picture closer up.  See where the torches are... (citronella of course!) that's where I'm going to put  some stepping stones to make a path through the grass.

We're also going to put pavers under the table and chairs, that's why I left the bark off of that area.
I had to put up fence posts and string to keep the dogs from walking over the new plants. Once the plants are established, and the dogs know where the 'door' is, I can take it down.  :)
This is the view from the back. You can see that Paul put some of the fieldstones from the cellar back there.  I've planted ferns already, and Dad is going to give me a bunch of Lily of the Valley to put there too. I'm also going to put something like sedum, or hen & chicks to crawl over the rocks. :)
Mouse over to see a pic taken recently, now that we replanted the grass and put more stones around the back.
Here's a close-up of the front west side. There's a silver mound, then an astilbe that Dad gave me, then pansies, hostas, pansies, hosta......

Mouse over for the other side.

The first pic was taken in June...the second was the end of July.
I'm so excited!  I worked my butt off, but it was all worth it. Now I can go and enjoy this spot in my yard for years to come.  :)
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Here are a couple of astilbes...the first one is a white one I bought, and the next one is one dad split off of his. I don't know what color it is yet.
Vickie, here's that weird, leggy hosta I told you about. I like it, but it sure is different than any other hosta I've ever seen.