This is an easy ornament to do, and has lots of room for embellishing!  Just have fun with it!  :)
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Size 11.0 seed beads
Size 8.0 seed beads
6mm round beads
Needle (I'm using a size 12)
Thread  (I'm using 8lb Fireline)
Medium Ornament ball  (The size wasn't marked on the package, but my ball measures 7.5" around the center. You can use a larger ball if you want, and just add more daisies around to connect the top and bottom. )
We'll start by making 2 medallions.... one for the front, and one for the back.
1.) Pick up six 6mm beads and tie in a circle, leaving a short tail to weave in later. Go through the next 2 beads and gently pull your knot inside a bead.

2.) Pick up one 6mm bead and go up through the 3rd bead on the opposite side.  (see arrow)
Pick up 6 seeds, wrap them around the next large bead, then come back through the bead and down through the first 2 seeds you picked up.
Pick up 4 seeds and go up through the last 2 seeds of the previous stitch, then through the next 2 large beads.
Repeat this step 2 more times until you have one 'unembellished' large bead left.

 Go down through 2 seeds, pick up 2 seeds and then go up through the 2 seeds from the last step. 

End by going through a large bead.
Now we're just going to go around the outside of the medallion, and add one seed between each large bead. We'll call this a 'filler seed'. (Pick up a seed, go through the next large bead all the way around.)
Now for the last step.... With your thread coming out of filler seed, pick up 6 seeds and go through the next filler seed. Repeat 5 more times until there are beads circling each large bead.  Weave your thread in and clip. Set this medallion aside for later.   Make one more and set aside.
NOTE:  You can weave your tail in anytime after this point. It's easiest to do it now so that the tail doesn't get in your way, but you can do it whenever you want.
Now we'll do our bottom ring.

Pick up 40 seeds and go back through the 2 side beads in your last daisy. Then go through the first 20 beads in the ring so you're coming out of the opposite side.  Now we can start our daisies on this side.
Make 6 daisies, and connect the last one to your other medallion the same way you did before.  Weave through the medallion as before, and come out on the opposite side.
Pick up 4 seeds and go through the next large bead.
Now we'll start with the top ring. (You may need to remove the hanger from the ball to fit this on.)

Pick up 40 seeds and tie them in a circle. Go through a few beads and pull snug so that the knot is inside of a bead. Weave your tail in now or later.  :)
We'll start our daisies by picking up 6 seeds and going through the bead behind the one your thread is coming out of.
(The daisy has 4 sides, with 2 beads per side. The two beads in the ring, the one your thread is coming out of to start, and the one that you go into are the 2 side beads of the first daisy.)
Pick up a size 8 seed and lay it in the middle of your ring, the go up through the 3rd bead you picked up.

Pick up 6 seeds, go up through the bottom bead of the 2 side beads on the last daisy, put in your center bead, and repeat.  Stop after your 5th daisy.

(I used 6 daisies on either side of the medallion, but if your ball is larger or smaller, you can add daisies, or do less daisies. Just slip it on the ball when you're getting close so you can see how many you'll need to make it so that the medallion is in the center of the ball. )
To connect your daisies to the medallion, pick up 2 seeds, then go through the middle two seeds of the top of your medallion. Pick up 2 more seeds, and go up through the bottom side bead as before.  Add your center bead and go up through the top side bead on the medallion side.
Weave your thread down through the medallion so that you're coming out of the center 2 seeds of the bottom. This picture shows a sample way of doing this.
Make 6 daisies coming off of this side of the medallion.
Now make six more daisies and connect to the opposite side of the first ring. (Through beads 19 and 20 in the ring)
It's time to add the side daisy chains. Needle around the ring until you're coming out of the middle 2 beads of one side. (Beads 9 and 10)  Make a daisy chain long enough to connect to the top ring. I used 16 daisies on my ball. This will make it nice and snug on the ball.  (This picture shows one side of the daisies done, and where to start the last daisy chain.)

Then needle around to the other side of the ring and come out through the middle 2 seeds and make your last daisy chain and connect it to the other ring. 
!! Be sure to put it on your ball before connecting the last daisy chain!!
After you've connected the last daisy chain to the top ring, weave your thread around the ring, then down through some side daisies, going around in a few circles, and clip your thread.

Hang it on the tree and enjoy!
Is this ornament too plain for you?  Not to worry!  There are lots of places to add all kinds of embellishments!  Try draping strings of seeds between the daisy chains.  (I know....the picture is REALLY crude, but you get the idea. lol)
Taking it a step further.........
Or you could add more daisy chains between the ones already there.

The ring around the bottom provides a nice place to add lots of fun dangles.  Just use your imagination, have fun, and think, 'What if I did this?"  then go for it!  The worst that can happen is that you won't like it and will have to undo it.  ;)  Be sure to start a new thread for your added embellishments so it will be easy to undo if you don't like it. :)
I would love to see your creations!  I'll even start an 'Examples' page to show them off.  :)  If you'd like to share what you do with this ornament, just send the pic to me, along with info on what you did, what beads you used, etc.  Also include your email and/or website address if you'd like a link to them with your pictures. 
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