See what's Bloomin' in May!  (2007)
The blue and purple iris that my dad-in-law gave me are some of the first things to bloom, and I look forward to seeing them every year! The other colors bloom when these are done.
Put your mouse on the picture to see a close-up of them. :)
I love these blue iris!  Put your mouse on the picture to see the inside as it's unfolding.
About the same time the iris are starting to bloom, the lilacs and the apple trees are putting on quite a show of their own. :)
The Columbine is usually the very first thing to bloom, and it stays blooming for a long time. I just love it!  So this year I ordered a few more in different colors. I hope they perform as well as this one has!  Click here to see some large close-up pictures of these flowers.  :)
This is one of the new Columbines. It's kind of scraggly looking right now, but the flowers are coming out beautifully.  I've got this one up in the hill garden.
This is a new daisy plant that I put in this spring. It sure grew fast!  I planted these for my mom. She loves these daisies, and I think of her every time I see them. :)
This is a Stella D'Oro daylily that I got from my dad-in-law. Gorgeous huh?
Some beautiful pink bleeding hearts that are planted in front of Angie's side of the house.
Flowers on the Pointentilla that grows next to the windmill.
I can't believe this ivy geranium is blooming!  I brought it in over the winter, and I thought it had died because I don't have any good windows. The plant is sickly looking, but that didn't stop it from producing this gorgeous flower!
Now the yellow iris are starting to come. After that will be all the other colors.
And now for my favorite picture!  I was already sitting on the ground taking pictures of the irises when the dogs came by. Emma just kept walking, but Charlie, being the smart little guy that he is, made sure to stop and smell the flowers.  (Mouse -over to see a close-up)

I hope everyone seeing this page has time to stop and smell the flowers this summer. :)
The snowball bush bloomed pretty early this year. It normally isn't in full bloom until about the second week of June!

Mouse over for a close-up.
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