Examples of bracelets done using the Lattice Bracelet tutorial.  If you'd like to share one that you've made, send me the picture!
This beauty was sent to me by Gemma
from the United Kingdom. She was having trouble keeping her outside picots from flopping under, so she added another round around the outside, using fire polished beads. It changed it to an entirely different look!  It looks great!  

Thanks Gemma! It's a good example of how sometimes not having things go right, can be an added bonus!
The beautiful bracelet above was also sent by Gemma. This time she added another row of seeds around the outside, and created yet another different look to this bracelet!  This is what I love to see!  I love it when someone uses a tutorial to create something new and unique!
On this variation, I simply went back through the bracelet adding a size 6mm bead (with  2 15.0 seeds on either side) in the center rings.
Here's another example of what I love to see ..........  Brenda (Eclectic Gyspy) added netting to the bracelet, connected it to a star and a ring, and made a gorgeous hand flower! Very pretty, and very creative!  
To see more of Brenda's work, click here.
Theresa sent this picture of the beautiful choker she made using the lattice pattern. I love it!  

Thanks Theresa!
These two pretty examples were sent by Amy, who said, " (This) bracelet is one I made from your lattice pattern. I m not sure the colors other than blue and a mother of pearl color (my aunt sent me the beads). The last bracelet is the same as the lattice except I added a row like the someone else did except I changed the way the colors were layed out slightly."
They're both very pretty! Thanks so much for sharing Amy! Visit Amy's website to see more beautiful work and patterns, and a great free tutorial!