Lattice Bracelet
This bracelet is done in single needle R.A.W. (Right Angle Weave), and is quite easy, although it takes a while to complete.

It consists of making the circle with your main color beads, and making picots with your accent beads. I'll be showing you 2 different ways to accomplish this, so you can do it whichever way you find more fun! The alternative method is shown at the end of the tutorial.

2 colors of size 11.0 seed beads  (M = Main color, A = Accent color)
A clasp of your choice
Thread of your choice (I used 8lb Fireline for mine)
A size 12 needle
Begin by threading your needle with as much thread as you feel comfortable working with. This bracelet takes a lot of thread, so you may have to add more later.
Make sure to always keep a nice tight tension!

Step 1. Pick up an A bead, three M beads, an A bead, three M beads, an A bead, three M beads, an A bead and three more M beads for a total of 16 beads. Tie in a circle, leaving enough of a tail to tie on your clasp later.  Then needle through three M beads and one A bead.
Step 2. Pick up 3 A beads, and making a circle, go back through the same bead that your thread is coming out of. Pull tight. This is your first picot!
Continue around the circle, making a picot in each of the next two A beads.  Do not make a picot on the Accent bead by the knot.

When you've made your third picot, needle around the circle and through the two accent beads as shown.

You're now in position to make your next circle/picot.
Below is the alternative method for making your rings and picots. You can do which ever works the best for you.  I think that the bracelet has more body if I use the first method, but either way is fine. :)
In this method, you are making the picots as you go along instead of adding them after the ring is made.

Pick up 3M, and 4A. Go back through the first A bead to form your picot. PULL TIGHT!
Step 2.  Continue to add 3M and 4A, making 3 picots, then go up through your side picot from the last round.

Needle around the ring as in the first method until you're coming out of the side bead of the side picot.

Remember to pull tight after each picot so you don't have thread showing!
Step 4.  Pick up 3M, 1A, 3M, 1A, 3M, 1A, 3M, and going in a circle again, go up through the side picot bead that your thread is coming out of.

Now needle over to your next accent bead and put a picot on like you did before.

Finish this circle with picots, and needle around to the side accent bead again. Keep repeating these steps until you get the bracelet the length you want it to be. Remember to leave about an inch for your clasp. (Depending on what clasp you use.)

Don't put a picot on the end Accent bead....that's where your clasp will be tied on.
When you get to the end, make a picot on the top and bottom of this last loop, then needle around so your thread is coming out of the side picot bead (of the top picot) as shown.  Now we're ready to make our second pass!
Pick up 3M and 4A. Then making a circle, go back through the first A you picked up. This will form the picot.  Be sure to pull real tight so your beads are nice and snug with no thread showing. Coax the beads into a picot with your fingers if they're not behaving!  (See pic 2a)
Now pick up 3 M beads and go down through the next side picot bead, and through the next 2 A beads as shown in picture.

I think it works better to go through these beads one at a time, pulling snug after each one.

Continue to add these peaks and picots for the length of the bracelet.
When you get down to the end, needle through the end, and around the corner until you're coming put of the side picot bead as shown.

Now just add your peaks and picots down the length of this side.  :)
I decided to add a ball joint clasp to this bracelet, so I just wove the thread in and added a jumpring to attach the clasp to.  If you'd like to add a beaded ball and loop clasp like on the green and purple bracelet, click here.
To end your thread, just weave it in anywhere you want. I like to go around and around to make sure it's secure.  Or, if you have anough thread left, you could weave all through the outside peaks again to stiffen them up. :)

If the bracelet is too limp for your tastes, you can try a heavier thread, or you could lay it on a piece of wax paper and dab Future Floor Polish on the peaks and outside picots. Let it dry, and voila!
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