There are many designs that start with a ladder stitch. Here's how to do it......
Be sure to leave a long enough tail to attach your clasp, or (for the herringbone bracelets) to do brick stitching to make the point on your bracelet.

For a 2 bead high ladder stitch, begin by picking up 4 beads. Go back through the first 2 beads (from back to front) and pull snug so that the second 2 beads are lying next to the first 2. Now go down through the second set, up through the first, and back down through the second set.
Pick up 2 more beads, go down through the second set, then up through the new beads.  Keep adding beads in this manner until your ladder is the length you'd like.
For the Herringbone Variation bracelet, we'll do a set of 6 ladders.  The thread will be coming out of the bottom of both ends.

To continue, we need to get the thread coming out of the top of the last set. There are several ways to do this........
The first way is to go up through the next bead over, then up through the last top bead.
Another way to do this is to just go up through the top bead. This will leave thread on the outside of the bead, so make sure your thread matches. :)
And the last is to pick up a size 15.0 bead and go up through the top bead. This adds a little decoration to the sides. ;)
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