Hi Everyone!
I'm almost done with the Iris bed, so I went around and took pics to show how everything is looking. :)
Taking a break from planting.... wow...there sure are alot of them to do!  Mouse over to see Mr. Boots.  He found a nice shady spot under the grapevine to watch me work.  :)

You can see the little garden up by Paul's garage...there are more pictures of that further down the page.
It doesn't look so big in the picture, but it's big enough that I have about 80 iris in there!  As you can see, I still have the side to plant. That's about 3' x 10', so I have ALOT more planting to do.
Ok, now on to the flower tour.........
<.........This is the first thing I see when I walk out the door. I love it!
This is some Ajuga in the front garden. The color is so pretty!
Some more garden pictures.
Look at the way the dew formed on this Lady's Mantle .......isn't that beautiful!
My rock planter is coming along nicely. The wave petunias are blooming! Mouse over for a closer look.
This is a Tiarella (Foam Flower) that's up by the garage.
< And some beautiful Coleus.
My friend Laurie gave me this gorgeous Peony bush, so I had to hastily dig a hole for it on the hill.  I'll prbably build a garden around it next summer.  It's one of the only spots in the yard that gets full sun all day.
And she also gave me these Hostas, so again, it was  hastily dug.  This is in front of the apartment. I'll have to work on this area more.  (Maybe next year! haha)
Ok, that's it for now. I have to run to Menard's and get some more edging so I can finish up the Iris bed.   Then I think I'll take it easy for the rest of the summer, and just enjoy my yard.  :)

Love to you all!
Isn't this pretty?!  This is Campanula.  This pink flower on the side is Celosia. Mouse over for more Celosia. I think it's really a  neat plant!
The baskets I made are really filling out good too.  And get a load of that beautiful Hibiscus next to the Hostas!  Mouse over for a close up. Those giant blooms knock my socks off!
Everything is growing good by the shed!  I love the bright colors of the Impatiens, and the overflowing flowerbox puts a smile on my face too. :)  Mouse over for a closer look.

The bright yellow flower is a Stella D'Oro lily that Dad gave me. Gorgeous!
My Hollyhocks are almost as tall as me now!
^Some Impatiens and a fern from the Meditation Garden.