Balsam Impatiens
Zebrina Hollyhock
Two pics of the Datura plant
Two different Geraniums
Two different Ivy Geraniums
Two different Coleus
Perilla (looks like Coleus)
Two different kinds of daylilies
A giant daylily. It's about 44" tall!
Stella D'Oro daylily
Astilbe flower
Hosta flower
Cosmos...look close...the first one has a bee in it!
Zoe gave me a few of these Monarda plants last year, and they're taking over!  They smell so good!
Orange lily
My tiered planter isn't doing too well this year with the extreme heat. :(
Wave Petunias
The head on a sedum plant
I planted a bunch of dinnerplate Dahlias again this year, but most of them didn't even come up. The ones that did, have regular size blooms. Disappointing, but they're still pretty. :)
And finally, I had to add this picture of my little garden helper. :)  Actually Charlie does NOT help, but gets in the way all the time. But he's so dang cute that I don't mind one bit. ;)
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It's been a really hot, and really dry summer here in Minnesota, so my gardens have suffered. But some plants are tough. Here's pics of what's blooming in July. :)