I just love my Iris bed!  It's the first thing to come up and to flower, and I really need to see those  blooms after a long, cold winter. I enjoy this bed all summer, even after they're done blooming because I love the folliage, and I just pop some annuals in later for color.
Iris Bed 2006
This picture was taken on May 9th, and there are already flowers!
These short lavendar and purple ones are always the first to bloom. They are so gorgeous.  
Back in 2004, my dear Father in law wanted to get rid of all his Iris so he could plant Peonies in that bed instead. So I went over and we dug them all up, and then I came home and planted them all around the windmill. There were over 200 of them!  
The butterflies like them too!  I was fortunate to have my camera out when this one was nice enough to pose for me on the flower.  :)
This picture was taken on May 30th when the tall ones started to bloom. They put on quite a display!
Some more pics.......
I'll put more pictures up of this bed as the summer goes on.  I have some White perennial Dragon flowers and a Gas plant planted in this bed, along with the Sedums, Silver Mound, and annuals I put in.

I love this bed because it's always changing. Every day it seems that there is something new to see!
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<....... These are a real pale yellow, but they always show up white in my pictures. They look so pretty next to the trunk of the grapevine...kinda like beauty and the beast. haha
Here are some Snapdragons I planted around in the Iris bed. I think they'll really be pretty later!
Sedum in bloom at the front of the Iris bed. June 5th
Here's a Stella D'Oro daylily that Dad Fischer gave me. I planted it at the front of the Iris bed.  The first picture was taken on May 30th, and the larger picture was taken on June 21st.