Here's a quick and easy bracelet that you can whip up in no time!  It makes a nice gift for co-workers or for all those lady friends when you don't know what to give them.  It's simple, but can be embellished to make a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Scroll down to see some ideas.

Have fun, and Happy Holidays!
Nymo D thread. (I used white, but red would be great if you have it!)
Size 11.0 silver-lined ruby red seeds
Size 4mm Green crystals  (The diamond shaped bicones look even better, so use them if you have them!)
Cut a piece of Nymo about 40" long, pre-stretch it, and run it through some Thread Heaven a couple of times.

String on 1G (green), 5R (red)1G, 1R, 1G, and 5R.  Tie into a circle, (leave about 6 or 8" tail for adding clasp)  then continue to go around the circle so that you're coming out of the Red seed between the two Greens.
* Pick up 1G, 5R, 1G, 1R, 1G,  5R, and 1G.  Go up through the red bead as shown so that you have made a circle. 

Keep going around your circle until your thread is coming out of the center red bead again.  Keep your thread snug.

Repeat from
* for whatever length you'd like!

I always like to back through the whole bracelet to reinforce it, but that's entirely up to you!

I used a lobster clasp and a loop of size 11 beads for my clasp, but you can use whatever strikes your fancy. :)
Pretty easy isn't it?  You can now say you know how to do single needle RAW (right angle weave)!
Now do some experimenting with other beads....try using bugles, or changing the amount of beads in each 'circle', or put a large crystal in the middle!
Make it into a choker, and add some loops.....or fringe!  Or, if you get really ambitious, (and have about a gazillion green crystals!) you could make it reeeeeally long, and use it for garland on your tree!  LOL

Just have fun, experiment and let your creativity loose.