Holiday Ball Earrings
Approx. 32  4mm gold beads
8 bugle beads
26 seed beads
Earring wires
Thread...  I used Fireline, but a clear illusion type thread would work great too
Begin by putting a needle on each end of a 15" thread. (approx.)
Pick up 4 beads, and make a circle by going through the last bead with the other needle as shown.  Pull tight.
Now pick up 1 bead on one needle, and two beads on the other needle and cross over in the bead shown. Pull tight.

Repeat this step one more time so that you have 3 'circles' made.
Pick up one bead on each needle and cross over in the bottom bead as shown.

Pull tight.  Voila!  A ball!
Pick up your bugles and beads, and centering them over the gold ball that the thread is coming out of, run the other needle up through them.
Pick up about 13 seeds on one needle and then run the other needle through them all in the direction shown.
Pull tight, then tie a knot. Run both needles back down through the bugle section.

At this point, I like to go back into the ball and weave around with both needles to make the ball tighter and to get a better form. Then you can just clip the thread.

Put them on some earwires, grab a cuppa eggnog, and make merry!
Now that you know how to make the balls, click here for some fun design variations!