Ball Variations
These two balls were made the same way as the holiday balls. In the first picture I used 6mm bicones. I made a loop on the wire, added one bicone, the ball, and then another bicone. I finished it off by making another wrapped loop at the top.

In the second pic, I used 4mm bicones, but I used 6mm for the added bicones on the top and bottom.
In this necklace, I used seeds and a lighter color crystal for the center.
I then finished it off by adding a larger bicone to either end, strung it on wire and it became the pendant for this necklace. :)

If you would like your examples displayed here, please send them to me with an explanation as to how you made it. Send it to me here... Ruby  Be sure to put "Holiday Ball" in the subject line.  

Have fun!
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These two pairs of beautiful earrings were sent to me by Kelle Veverka and this is what she wrote:

I made a pair of earrings for myself and my young daughter. I wore the gold ones, and she wore the silver ones.
I followed your directions using 4mm fire polished faceted glass in green and a reddish purple. Then instead of trying to improve the form I added the gold or silver balls in the spaces left by the RAW. I used clamshell bead tips instead of a seed bead loops, and I used longer bugle beads. For my daughter's earrings I added the wire component, but since I used 4mm beads I had to reinforce and tighten the edges of the bead ball so the component wouldn't fall through.

Thanks Kelle!  They look fabulous!