Hill Garden 06
Wow, what a difference a week makes! This picture was taken on June 8th of the south side of the hill garden. Put your mouse on the picture to see what it looked like today, just a week later!
The roses didn't get any taller, but they sure got a lot more blooms!  

You can almost stand out there and watch that Joe Pye Weed grow (to the right of) the roses! Amazing.  And to the left is that giant hardy Hibiscus. It's growing really fast too, and has come up with lots more shoots this year!

All my lilies (in this garden and in the front bed) are loaded with buds, so I can't wait for them to start blooming!
This is a view of the north side of that bed. I just can't believe how things are filling out so much already!  This is twice as full as it was in August of last year!  It will be really fun to see how it looks next year!  That will be it's 3rd year.
Here's a close-up of the Dianthus, Primrose and some annual daisies.  I goofed when I planted the Primrose and Dianthus....I didn't think that Dianthus would get so large, so the Primrose is growing right out of the middle of it.

I love how the Dianthus has two different flowers growing on the same plant. Beautiful!
Mom, here's one of the Gayfeathers (Liatris) I was telling you about. (in the yellow box)  I can't remember if this is going to be a purple one or a white one.

The plant with the red circle is one of the Monardas. (Bee Balm)
Here are two more Monardas. They sure have spread just since last year when I started out with one stalk!  I can't remember what color these are either, so it will be fun when they bloom!

The small plant between them is a miniature hollyhock. It sure is cute when it blooms. That's a perennial too.
And here's the last Monarda.  Look at how big that Autumn Joy Sedum behind it has gotten this year!  It's higher than my knee! (See below for another picture of it.)
This picture has the Autumn Joy, some daylilies, the Monarda, and the Gayfeather. That grassy looking stuff isn't grass.... it's Globe Allium, and it's about to bloom any day now. I'll put up a picture of it when it does. :)
Here are some more Dianthus. This variety has real spiked petals and is so pretty!
Cosmos are one of my very favorite annuals!  This variety gets to be about 5 feet tall, and very airy looking. They bloom their heads off all summer!
Here's a Gallardia and a close-up of the roses.
This is some Sweet William from the south side of the garden. I think it's so neat that there are different colors in the same plant!
My friend Cat gave me this plant last week, and I can't remember what it is. (So Cat, if you see this, email me and tell me!)  I took this picture this morning (June 17th) because I thought it looked so cool with that big drop of water in the center, and the little ones on the leaves.  :)  Ain't nature grand?!
This is just a side view of that garden, but it shows the bed in front of Paul's garage too.
That's it for now. Of course I'll be updating this page every so often as things bloom, so check back!
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June 19th.... My Clematis bloomed!  I didn't think it bloomed until late July last year. Cool! Such big beautiful blossoms! Mouse over for a close-up.