1.) Clematis
The other 1s ( I messed up my numbering) are Hollyhocks I transplanted from the front garden.
2.) Snapdragons
3.) Nore hollyhocks from front garden
4.) Gayfeather
5.) Lilies transplanted from front garden
7.) Dianthus
8.) Mum from last year
9.) Allium (Globe Thistle)
10.) Lilies I transplanted from garage bed.
11.) Daylilies
12.) Daylilies
13.) Primrose
14.) Marigolds
16.) Oops forgot to number this... the big one next to 10 an Autumn Joy Sedum and the little one is a Sweet William
On this side I have:
1.) Morning Glory
2.) Bee Balm
3.) Hardy Hibiscus
4.) Joe Pye Weed
5.) Mini Hollyhock
6.) Day lily
7.) Sweet William
8.) Day lily
9.)Mum from Mom (2004)
10.) Autumn Joy Sedum
11.) Gerbera Daisy (mixed colors)
12.) Canterbury Bells
13.) Snapdragons
14.) Gayfeather
15.) Grape Hyacinth (the deer ate them)
16.) Marigold
17.) Dianthus
18.) Sweet William
Here are my Delphiniums! They sure have spread this year!  Mouse over the first picture to see what they looked like last year.
What else is blooming.......
I have lots of red roses..too bad the bugs ate all the dang leaves. :(  In the pot are petunias.  It looks like I'm going to have a bumper crop of lilies too!
Here's my Petunia bag that I planted. I had my doubts after I planted it, but it's starting to look pretty good. Put your mouse on it to see what it looks like now. It's only been 3 weeks, so I think it's gonna be really nice in another month!
My rock planter has a way to go yet, but I'm not worried. It looked the same at this time last year. Mouse over for a pic of how it looked at the end of the summer.

Mom... look how big that Coleus has gotten!  That's the one I bought when you and I were plant shopping!
Here's a picture of the bottom tier of the planter.  I love that Potato Vine.... too bad the bugs like it too.  :(

Mouse over for a pic of the top tier.
And here is the grapevine on the windmill. It's doing really good this year. I wonder how old it is? We've been here for 21 years, and it looked old when we moved here!
Pics of the hill garden with the new plants. And some more pictures of what's bloomin'.  :)
These are the new plants I put here.  I've got a Barberry and a Potentilla.  I can't wait to see what they look like a couple of years from now. :)
Here are some more pics of some new plants I put in up there.  Mouse over the small pics to see larger ones.
Here's that gorgeous Persian Shield in the whiskey barrel on the front porch.  I sure hope I can keep it alive over the winter (in the house).
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