Herringbone / N'Debele Stitch
After all the years I've been beading, I finally got around to trying Herringbone (N'Debele) stitch, and I'm loving it!  
I have to thank the wonderful Alexis, (who is an angel of the beading world) for providing the links to beading sites all over the world. It was while browsing some of the Hungarian sites she listed that I fell in love with Herringbone stitch, and just had to give it a go!
The 'Ande' bracelet by Andrea
Bánhalmi was the one I saw that set this in motion. I found the pattern at Arduinna's site, made one, and loved it, so I couldn't stop there. ;)
After learning the basics of herringbone, and how to add larger beads to it, I went on my own and did this bracelet using black, iris blue and silver Delicas with silver 4mm cubes.
But I wasn't done playing yet!  Next I made this bracelet using turquoise and silver Delicas with the silver cubes. I added a few more horizontal rows around the cubes because I wanted more of the turquoise color, and also wanted to put a mini pattern in the turquoise sections. I LOVE THIS BRACELET!  It's so bright and beautiful in real life, and the weave is soft and slinky, and feels great on the wrist!
I had also seen these cube bracelets on a lot of the Hungarian sites, and wanted to make one of those too. After searching in vain for the pattern, I wrote to Alexis to see if she had run across it in her internet travels. She told me that the pattern wasn't available online, but could be found in a book called "Basic Beadweaving Herringbone Stitch - Bead & Button ".  I didn't have the book, so I worked out my own version. I love the way the cubes lay in this bracelet!  It's like a tiny cobblestone street. (A very colorful, sparkly cobblestone street. lol)
I plan on doing a lot more herringbone, and (when I can afford it) I'm going to do a tubular herringbone necklace with all silver Delicas that I've been wanting to do for years.  :)
Renaissance Beads has free directions for both flat herringbone, and a wonderful wavy herringbone pattern!
About Beadwork has lots of links to great herringbone projects here.
Barbara Grainger and Lydia Boren (the Beadwrangler) have teamed up on this great page devoted to herringbone. Learn to make a fan shape and more!
Robyn has a great tutorial for a twisted herringbone bracelet using bugle beads here.
Noeasybeads has a nice tutorial for tubular herringbone rope here.
Felinda has a great tutorial and pattern for making herringbone fern stitch earrings, and another for making a gorgeous twisted herringbone bracelet.
Liz of Artistic Visions has some good instructions (in .pdf format) for tubular herringbone here.
There's a pattern for a gorgeous Herringbone Flower Cuff by Vicki Star here.
If you want to explore beyond basic herringbone, check out Chika's variation here.  
Once you learn the basics, you can make this gorgeous 'Sea Rainbows' bracelet from Artistree.
And of course, if you do a search at Bead Patterns.com or Beadandbutton.com, you'll also find tons of beautiful patterns to play with. :)
This is just a beginning list.......there are a lot more sites (and books) to be found if you just search for them. Also look through Alexis' massive list of all things beady. She has them grouped by country and whether the site has a gallery or  tutorials. You could spend months going through her list, and I for one am very thankful to her for putting it together for us. :)

Have fun!
Here is a list of sites that teach both flat and tubular herringbone, variations, etc.  Have fun!
Next I wanted to make a bracelet with the bronze beads again, but I didn't want any spaces between the cubes. I used cream Delicas as accents.
I noticed when I was making the bronze cube bracelet that it looked really neat folded in half, so I came up with this tubular version. I had a hard time getting a good picture, but it's really pretty cool in person. ;) Even though it's done in a tubular fashion, the accent beads on the front make it flat....but doubled (if that makes sense) so I can wear it with the plain side up, or the embellished side up. :) UPDATE! Here's the tutorial for this bangle.
Here's an example of a basic tubular piece. But see how fun it is to use different beads in sections as you go along? If you use larger beads in these sections, it will make even more of a statement. Just play with the beads, and see what kind of effect you get!
And of course, just flat herringbone in all one color looks pretty nice too.  I used brick stitch on the ends (which is very easy to switch to when doing herringbone) to taper it down to the clasp,
Billie Sanchez of Wicked Oak Designs has an excellent tutorial for both flat and tubular Herringbone.
It's a fun, easy and fast stitch, and you can do SO much with it!  Do a search on Google for beaded Herringbone, or N'Debele stitch, and see what gorgeous sites there are!
UPDATE!  I finally got the beads!  Here's the rope I've been wanting to make. I made the pendant removable so I can make more pendants to wear with it. :)
UPDATE:  After I made this bracelet and posted the pic in my albums, I got flooded with requests for instructions. So I finally wrote them up. You can find them here. Have fun!