Herringbone Sparkle! Bracelet
Delicas (color A)
Size 11.0 seeds (color B)
Size 15.0 seeds (color C)
4mm round fire-polished beads (or crystals)
Size 12 needle
Thread of your choice. (I'm using Crystal Fireline 8lb)
These are fun bracelets to make, and you can change the look in so many ways!  
Begin by making a 6 bead (2 high) ladder, leaving about 12" of thread tail for finishing later.  If you need help making a ladder, look at these instructions. (this is for a 3 bead ladder, but just use 2)

When you get to the end, both your tail and your working thread will be coming out of the bottom. Pick up one 15.0 and go up through the top bead as shown. (I'll call this the 'turn around' bead.)  You are now in position to start your Herringbone. :)
Pick up one color A and one Color B and go down through the next 2 beads in the base row, then up through the next 2 beads as shown.
We want to create a space for the crystal, so we won't add any beads on this step. Go down through the next 2 beads in the base row, and up through the next 2 beads as shown.
Pick up one Color B and one Color A and go down through the last 2 beads in the base row.
Pick up your 'turn around' bead and go up through the top 2 beads. Now you're in position to add your next row.
NOTE:  You'll want your ladder to be neater than this. ;) If you have spaces like I do, you can always snug them up later when you're weaving in your thread to finish. ;)
Now that we have our base rows made, from now on we'll just be repeating these next 3 rows.
Row 1. (Add the crystal)

Pick up 1 color A, and one Color B and go down through the next bead. (This the herringbone stitch)
Pick up your 4mm bead and go up through the next Color B bead as shown.
Pick up 1 Color B, and 1 Color A, and go down through the next bead.
I like to turn my piece around at this point so that I'm always working right to left. So the piece will be turned in the pictures after this last herringbone stitch is added.
With the piece turned around, pick up your turn around bead and go up through the top bead as shown.
Row 2 (pass through crystal)
Pick up 2  beads and make your herringbone stitch by going through the color B bead in the previous row.
Now needle through the crystal, and the top color B bead from the previous row.
Make one more herringbone stitch, then your turn around bead as you did at the end of the last row so you're in position to start the next row.
Row 3 (the bridge row)
I call this the bridge row because we're just spanning the gap above the crystal. ;)

Do your 1st Herringbone stitch as normal, then pick up *3 beads and go up through the top bead as shown.

* The 3 beads you use will depend on what size beads you're using. In the picture I used 2 Delicas and a size 11.0 because the purple beads are Czech, and smaller than 11.0 Japanese beads. I didn't care for that, and switched to using a size 15.0 in the center. Try different beads to see which sizes will fit best. You want them to lay flat and be the same length as the crystal.
Now add your next herringbone stitch as before, turn and add your turn around bead.
Repeat rows 1 through 3 until you get it to the *length you want.  End on row 2, but use all Color A beads on this row.
*When determining length, be sure to take into account the length of your clasp, and deduct another 1/2"  or so if you want to do brick stitching on the ends to make it into a point.
My bracelet length was a total (including clasp) of 7", and I used 27 of the fire polished beads. :)
See notes at end if you want to skip this row.
NOTE:  This tutorial will print best from Internet Explorer. It may not work with other browsers.
Finishing off.....
Start your row with a herringbone stitch (in Color A).  Then pick up 2 more Color A beads and ladder stitch them to the previous 2 beads as shown. (Pick up 2, go down through 2, and back up through the 2 new ones.)
Pick up 2 more, and ladder stitch them to the 2 you just added, then go up through the top bead in the next herringbone stitch as shown.
Pick up one bead, go down through the 2 previous beads in the ladder, then back up through 2 as shown.
Now pick up your last bead, go down through the last bead in the previous row, over and up through the bead beside it, then up through the bead you just added.

Turn your piece, and add your turn around bead. Now you're in position to add your brick stitch ends.
If you need to know how to do brick stitch, check out these instructions, (using illustrations 5 through 9).
To finish, I just came out of the top bead, and picked up a small piece of French Wire, went through the clasp, and back into the top bead. If you don't have French Wire, you can just sew the clasp on directly, or use a few size 15 beads to make a loop.  :)
Weave your thread back into the piece, making sure to go up and down a few times, then clip. Do your brick stitching on the other end and add the other side of the clasp.
Try different beads in the center for a different look.  If you want to use a larger bead in the center, you'll have to either adjust your bead count in your begining rows, or use larger seeds. Just play around and see what works!  :)
If you'd like to skip the beads in the bridge row, just go down through the previous rows and go through your crystal again. It will leave a small space between the crystals, but you may like that look better. I did that on this black one, and it turned out fine. :)
Make it wider! I used 10 beads as a starting ladder on this one, and put 4mm cubes in the middle. I didn't need to do the bridge row because the cubes were large enough to fill in without it. :)
Play with it!  
I used a 10 bead ladder to start on this one too, but I used 3 bridge rows between the cubes for another look. Just play and see what you come up with!
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