Hardy Hibiscus
I planted this Hardy Hibiscus in the fall of 2004, so last summer was the first time it came up. I was wowed with how large it got, and how humongous the flowers were!  Who knew you could have something so tropical growing here in Minnesota?

Last year it had 2 stalks, and it got to be about 40" tall. I was thrilled to see that it had 6 stalks this year, and was amazed that it got to be about 60" tall!

It's hard to see how tall it is because it's right in front of that giant Joe Pye Weed (which also blows me away!).

The flowers are spectacular!  The are almost a foot across!!! Each flower only lasts a day, but this plant is just loaded with buds, so it's going to be putting on quite a show. :)
I almost missed this first flower because it's at the back of the plant. I was out weeding, and I looked up, and just about fell over!! ;)
Here's a flower that will be open tomorrow. Even the buds are huge and beautiful!
It was hard to get a good picture showing all the buds, but you can see how many are on this one stalk alone!
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Isn't this beautiful? The petals are paper thin, with just a blush of pink.
These two pictures were taken July 30th. Two blooms at once!  :)
I thought this looked neat with the giant Hibiscus and the mini Hollyhocks together.
This is a close-up of the Joe Pye Weed Flowers. I thought I'd put it on this page because it's a giant like the Hibiscus. ;)
I brought one of the flowers in the house to enjoy since it's too hot to be outside. So I took this picture of it in a cereal bowl (with another one beside it) to show how big these flowers are!
August 12th  2006
Here are a couple of pictures of the Hibiscus on August 12th. They're really blooming like mad now! It's nice because so many of the other perennials are done blooming.
The Autumn Joy Sedums are just starting to get some color now, so they'll be in full bloom by the time the Hibiscus is done. :)